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WhatsApp is a messaging platform that allows you to send text messages, group chats, status updates, and other media like images, documents, voice messages, and calls.

There are three types of WhatsApp accounts:

  • WhatsApp (WA)
  • WhatsApp Business (WAB)
  • WhatsApp Business API (WAB API) integrates with WhatsApp via the WhatsApp Business API, acting as an official WhatsApp Business Service Provider (BSP). This integration enables seamless communication and facilitates the setup of WhatsApp chatbot.

Connecting WhatsApp with the cloud platform enables businesses to send campaigns, provide customer support, engage in conversational marketing, and drive sales.

This channel enables the following key features:

  • Automated Replies: Provides the ability to automatically respond to user messages.
  • Multi-message types support: Supports various message types, including image, video, file, Quick reply, Carousel, WA quick reply, Dynamic WA list message, and WA list, enhancing the overall communication experience.

Differences between WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business App, and WhatsApp Business API:

...WhatsAppWhatsApp Business AppWhatsApp Business API
Target AudienceDesigned for personal one-on-one and group messagesDesigned for small and local businesses (entrepreneurs, local shops, small enterprises)Designed for medium to large businesses (enterprises with a larger customer base and higher messaging volumes)
AvailabilityAvailable as a free mobile appAvailable as a free mobile appContact support team for setup
Interaction1-1 messaging2 people to 1 messagingMany-to-one messaging
PricingFree messagingFree messagingMessages should be responded to within 24 hours; otherwise, a paid service is required. Both WhatsApp and the Business Service Provider (BSP) have detailed pricing information
Supported message typesSupports text and emoji based messaging with attachmentsSupports text and emoji based messaging with attachmentsSupports text and rich media messages
VerificationNoNoNeed approval of templates to send template messages and access to the API
InterfaceFront-end interface in the form of an app installable on mobile devicesFront-end interface in the form of a business app installable on mobile devicesThere is no front-end interface. Communication is facilitated through Business Solution Providers (BSP)
WhatsApp payYesYesYes
Device SupportSingle user per deviceSingle user per deviceSupported on multiple users and devices on the platform
FunctionalitySupports sending one-on-one and group messagesSupports sending a high volume of messages with quick replies and automated greeting messages for efficient communicationSupports more advanced use cases like transactional messages, appointment reminders, and customer alerts
Auto responsesNoYesYes
Verified green tick markNot availableRequires approval from WhatsAppRequires approval from WhatsApp
AutomationNo message automationLimited automation. App automation includes greeting messages, away messages, and quick repliesSupports complete message automation through chatbots
UsabilityUsed on an iOS or Android appUsed on an iOS or Android appUsed on automated systems or chatbots. There is no real mobile interface

Limitations of WhatsApp channel

Quick reply buttonSupports a maximum of 3 buttons and 20 characters per button. If more than 3 buttons are added, it defaults to a numbered list.
Carousel cardSupports a single carousel card.
Carousel buttonSupports a maximum of 3 buttons.
Carousel character limitThe maximum number of characters supported is 1024.
Image typeSupported image types are JPG and PNG.
Image sizeSupported image size is 5MB.
Image diemensionsSupported image dimension is 250*250.
Video typeSupported video type is MP4.
Video sizeSupported video size is 15MB.
Video dimensionsNo restrictions.
File sizeSupports any valid MIME type up to 15 MB in size.

The following are the character limits for WhatsApp Dynamic Quick Replies:

FieldsMandatoryDescriptionCharacter Limit
TitleyesEnter the message1024
Optionsyes (1 title is mandatory)"Title" will be the button. After pressing the button, the value names and text will be returned. 3
Options.titleyesString value20
Options.textyesString value20
footernoFaded text below the body60

Multi-select, Feedback, and Speak nodes are not supported for WhatsApp channels. However, Date picker and Location nodes are supported on WhatsApp, but the UI similar to the web is not supported in WhatsApp.