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Studio overview

Studio is a bot building platform that allows you to easily build and customize bot conversations without requiring coding expertise. It provides all the necessary tools to create and test conversational chatbots effectively.

Key features of Studio:

  • Easy conversational flow design: Easily design the flow of interactions between your bot and customers using intuitive Studio tools like start triggers, nodes, variables, fallbacks, databases, and functions.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) training: Train your bot with specific intents to trigger the respective flow to respond accurately to user queries.
  • Custom logic implementation: Implement advanced functionalities such as multilingual communication, API integrations with third-party apps, and database management using custom logic.
  • Conversation logs: Keep track of the interaction history between users and your bot, allowing you to analyze interactions and identify potential conversation issues.
  • Instant answering bot creation: Quickly create a bot designed to provide instant answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). Easily upload offline documents or add website URLs to enrich your bot's knowledge base. With AI-enabled features, it can perform search operations and provide summarized results to user queries.
  • API integration: Seamlessly integrate third-party APIs that cannot be integrated through the standard integration module. This feature allows you to enhance the functionality of your FAQ bot by accessing external data and services.

Watch the introductory video on Studio:

Access Studio

There are two ways in which you can access Studio:

  1. Left navigation bar: Click on the left navigation bar to access Studio.

  2. Quick links: Use quick links for quicker navigation to specific sections within Studio. Choose your preferred option to access the desired section.

Create your first bot

For a detailed guide on how to create your first bot, refer to this document. You can also watch this video for a brief demonstration of creating a bot using the cloud platform.