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Line is an instant messaging channel that allows users to communicate through texts, images, videos, audio, and files. It also enables users to connect via audio calls and video conferences.

Businesses can use the Line to provide product information, promote their brands, respond to customer queries, receive feedback and updates about the company in real-time, and also improve the customer experience by offering personalized services.

Let's say that a user wants immediate assistance regarding product information. In such cases, users can converse with the bot that is connected to your business's Line channel. The bot responds to the user's queries without having to wait for the agents to respond.

Character limitations of Line channel

In this section, you can view the character limitations of Line channel.

Quick reply
Quick reply optionsCharacter limit
Quick reply button name and valueThe maximum number of characters supported is 20.
Quick reply titleThe maximum number of characters supported is 300.
Carousel optionsCharacter limit
Title lengthThe maximum number of characters supported is 40
Title value lengthThe maximum number of characters supported is 60
ColumnThe maximum number of characters supported is 10
Button textThe maximum number of characters supported is 20
Button valueThe maximum number of characters supported is 40
Message types
Message typeCharacter limit
Text messageThe maximum number of characters supported is 5000
ImageImage URL length - 2000, file size - 10 MB
VideoVideo URL length - 2000, file size - 200 MB
AudioAudio URL length - 2000, file size - 200 MB

Create a business account on Line

You can create a Line business account using the Line official account app or website. Before creating an account, you need to choose the account type and subscription plan:

  • Account types: Verified, Unverified, and Premium ID accounts.
  • Account subscription plans: Free / Basic (or Light) / Pro (or Standard).

To create a Line business account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Line official account, click Create a LINE Official Account for free.

  2. If you already have a Line account, click Log in with a LINE account, otherwise click Sign up with an email and enter the email address you used to set up your account. 

  3. After signing up for your account, click Continue.

  4. Enter the required information in the respective fields and click Continue.

  5. Verify your account info and click Submit.

  6. Your Line account will be created successfully.

Setup Line channel using developer portal


To know more about how to setup Line channel using developer portal, click here

To set up Line channel using Developer portal, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your LINE Console by using the URL ''.

  2. Click Create a new provider to create a provider.

  3. Enter the provider's name such as your own name or the name of your company, and click Create.

  4. After creating a Provider, you need to add a channel to it.

  5. To add a channel to a Provider that you have created, in the Channels tab, click Create a Messaging API Channel.

  6. Enter the required details and click Create.

  7. Your channel will be successfully set up with the channel token and secret ID.

Connect Line channel to your bot

To configure the Line channel on the platform, follow the below steps:

  1. On the left navigation bar, click Extensions.

  2. Click Channels > Messaging > Line.

  3. Enter Line channel token and Line channel secret Id and click Save.

  4. Your Line channel will be successfully connected.

4. Setup webhook on Line channel

After connecting your bot to the Line channel, you need to setup a webhook on Line. Webhooks allow bots to connect to a channel’s API and receive events in real time. This allows your bot to quickly respond to user requests.

To setup a webhook on Line channel, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to LINE Account Manager and select the Account.

  2. In the Home tab, click Settings.

  3. Select Messaging APIs under Settings.

  4. Under Messaging APIs, enter the Webhook URL and click Save.


Contact [email protected] for the Webhook URL.

  1. You can test your bot after configuring a webhook.

Test your bot on Line

To test your bot on Line, you have to download Line from the Playstore or App Store, depending on your mobile device's operating system. After downloading the Line app on your mobile device, you can test your bot.

To test your bot on Line, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Line app and Click Add.

  2. You can select either the QR Code or the Search option to chat with your bot.

  3. Navigate to the LINE Developers Console > Providers > Channel > Messaging APIs. In this section, you can see the QR Code and Bot basic ID.

  4. You can scan the LINE QR Code or search using LINE's Bot basic ID for your business.
    • If you select the Search option, you can copy the Bot basic ID and paste it into the search bar, and the account associated with that ID will be displayed on your Line app screen.
    • If you select the QR Code option, the account associated with the QR Code is displayed on your Line app screen.

  5. Click Add to start the conversation with your bot.

  6. Once you have tested your bot, the configuration of the Line channel for your business is completed.