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Smart document search for your website

Empower your website with's intelligent search engine, driven by Document Cognition. Seamlessly deployable on any website, this feature allows users to effortlessly find product information, documentation, and FAQs directly on your site.


The Smart Search functionality is currently only available for web applications and is not supported for mobile apps.

Activation steps

  1. Share the data to be indexed via API.
  2. After indexing, deploy the search engine on your parent website.

These steps guarantee that indexed data is readily accessible and searchable for your website users. search workflow

Initiate a search query, and the system retrieves data from various categories, presenting relevant results. Customize categories to tailor the search results page to your preferences. Search

In case of no results for a specific keyword, a configured placeholder text is displayed.

No Results Placeholder

Key features

  • Real-time Search Suggestions: Get up to 5 dynamic suggestions as users type, featuring titles, brief descriptions, and image previews. Keywords within suggestions are highlighted for clarity.

  • Efficient Information Categorization: Easily locate relevant information with categorized search results, organized into different groups.

  • User-Friendly Pagination: Displaying 10 results at a time, the pagination feature ensures easy navigation for a streamlined search experience.

  • Direct Result Access: Each suggestion includes a direct link to its respective results page, providing a shortcut to desired information. Search Features