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Aug 2023


1. Inbox UI enhancements for chats and ticket details

Our engineering team has made substantial improvements to boost performance and tackle occasional issues. The upgraded Inbox is offering smoother interactions with no disruptions or noticeable visual changes.

2. Boost efficiency and customer satisfaction with Reply Suggestions

A powerful feature that leverages your knowledgebase, legacy documents, and configured websites to provide agents with instant response suggestions for user messages. Enhance customer interactions with accurate and effective replies, all while retaining control and personalization.

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3. Simplify collaboration via Internal ticketing

Now, agents can seamlessly initiate quick ad-hoc conversations with colleagues and external vendors directly from, eliminating the need to navigate between platforms. This collaborative approach streamlines support interactions, reduces the time taken to resolve & ensures effective communication.

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4. Upcoming releases

1. Custom views

We're excited to introduce a powerful upcoming feature that enables administrators to generate and save personalized, filtered views for streamlined chat management. Moreover, administrators can extend this capability to all agents. By customizing views to align with specific requirements, such as status, tags, and custom fields, you'll optimize time spent navigating chat volumes and guarantee that conversations are promptly attended to.

2. Internal Ticketing enhancement

Soon, you'll be getting real time notifications, coupled with a refined workflow, which will simplify ticket management even further.

3. Integration with User 360

Built-in integration with's in-house Customer Data Platform (CDP) to provide a comprehensive 360-degree view of customer activities and data stored within our system. It offers a deep understanding of customer interactions, enabling you to deliver more personalized and effective support.


1. Event-based segments for personalized user interactions

Elevate your engagement strategy with our new event-based segments. Now, you can precisely target and personalize interactions for users who have taken specific actions within your platform. Tailor your approach to their behaviors and boost your impact.

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2. Discover actionable insights with Flow campaign reports

Monitor the performance of your campaigns, giving you deeper insights into the effectiveness of your flow campaigns. Stay tuned for a more data-rich and actionable experience with our enhanced Flow Campaign Report.

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3. Nudges to convert Outbound Campaigns to Flow Campaigns

We're excited to announce a feature that nudges to explore the insights and advantages of Flow campaigns when transitioning your Outbound campaigns to the dynamic world of Flow campaigns. Gain a deeper understanding of how this transformation can elevate your campaign management to new heights

Chat Widget

Introducing our AI-powered Search Engine for your websites. This intelligent search bar can provide real-time suggestions, with category-based results. Enhance user experience by allowing visitors to easily find product information, access documentation, and explore FAQs directly on your site.

2. Enhanced receipt card with transaction details

This component has been improved to show transaction or purchase details, such as the amount of a fixed deposit, the interest rate, the title, and the reference ID, within the carousel node.


3. Feedback card to collect customer feedback

This allows you to gather feedback from bot users, based on their experience with the chatbot or live agent, at the conclusion of the conversation. The feedback feature offers two choices: thumbs up/thumbs down and star rating. Moreover, users can share their feedback via text input. Users are free to skip any step of the feedback process.

4. Share location via Google Maps using location component

This component provides users with the ability to perform actions related to location using Google Maps. Users can search for specific locations, select them, and share location access seamlessly.