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Social Channels

Social channels are digital platforms or websites that are mainly used for social connectivity purposes. It provides a platform for users to connect and share information.

Social media channels include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Social channels allow businesses to promote their brand, provide customer service, ask and answer questions, and receive feedback, which can help them reach a wider audience.

The following are the Social channels that can be connected to our platform. To understand the features, limitations, and setup instructions of each channel, click on the respective link:

  1. Twitter - Build a conversational bot to connect with Twitter. Create a custom bot for your own team to speed up teamwork.
  2. Facebook Comments - Connect your bot with your Facebook Fan pages to automate your chat with customers on post comments.
  3. Playstore - Connect your bot to a Playstore to respond to user reviews.

Access Social Channels‚Äč

  1. On the switcher, click Channels.

  2. Click Social to view the Social channels.