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Engage overview

Engage is a customer engagement module that enables marketers to craft multi-channel campaigns intuitively. Engage helps marketers deliver total lifecycle CX from acquisition through transaction, to retention and growth.

Yellow has dedicated features to help manage your business campaigns efficiently.

Effective campaign management is necessary for a successful business workflow. Creating an effective campaign requires a lot of effort and time.

With the Engage module, admins can build and execute marketing campaigns by targeting a set of customers with relevant marketing content across a variety of channels.

1. Types of engagement

The following are the different types of campaigns supports.

1.1 Outbound campaign

Outbound engagement is a type of campaign that help brands reach out to their customers proactively. You can send out outgoing messages to your end consumers for promotional and transactional objectives.

  • Bulk email campaign for promotional reasons. For example, holiday offers, clearance sales, new product or store launching announcements.
  • Personal high-context email notifications for transactional updates. For example, appointment reminders, email confirmation, OTP, and password change notifications.

You can send an outbound campaign through multiple channels such as Email, SMS, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Viber, and Slack. Know more.


The campaigns on messaging channels such as FB Messenger will be in the form of notifications.

To know how to create an Outbound campaign in detail, see this article

1.2 Flow campaign

The Flow campaign is an outbound campaign that lets you automate your marketing or collection campaigns by providing you with the leverage to reach out to your customers on multiple channels. You can also configure fallback channels and check the delivery status of messages inside the workflow.


Flow vs. outbound campaigns:

Outbound campaigns can only be used with a single channel and all the users will receive the same template. You cannot configure Fallbacks in case of failed notifications.

With Workflow campaigns, you can configure multiple channels and add fallbacks to each priority channel.

1.3 Inbound campaign

Inbound engagement is carried out when customers visit the brand's website to explore the product or service offerings. Inbound engagement helps in converting casual visitors into prospective leads or buyers.

To know about Inbound engagement in detail, see this article.

2. Access Engage module


There are two user roles for Engage module.

  • Engagement admin: Authorised to send campaigns and create audience groups.
  • Engagement user: Can only schedule campaigns.

To access Engage, follow these steps -

  1. Login to and go to your bot.

  2. Use any of the following ways -

    • Click on Engage for campaigns under Quick links.
    • Click on the main menu to expand and select Engage.


If you are unable to access the Engage module, check your role with the bot's Super admin and request the required role -

  • Engagement admin to send campaigns and create audience groups.
  • Engagement user to just schedule campaigns.