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Introduction to is an online platform that helps you create powerful AI driven bots. The combined capabilities of human and AI lets you provide best customer support experience. The platform allows you to connect bot users to human techies, run campaigns, manage the bots on multiple channels, integrate with third party applications, and measure the performance of these bots.

1. Exploring

The following are the wide variety of modules our platform has got to offer

StudioCreate user-friendly and efficient bots here . These bots can be used to help your customers with a particular piece of information, carry out certain actions, connect them to live agents, etc.
InboxManage live customer queries by connecting with live agents on multiple channels. It's a one stop solution to attend customer queries via emails and chats, stack FAQs, evaluate the metrics of live agents and more.
InsightsMeasure the perfomance of your bot by collecting details such as customer location, successful API calls, customer engagement time, etc in . They help you make better business decisions.
EngageRun marketing campaigns on Engage. This can be in the form of messages, emails,inbound campaigns,outbound campaigns,etc.
ChannelsChannels are platforms via which you can run your bots. offers 35+ channels and a one-time connectivuty setup.
IntegrationsIntegrate your platform with various other third party applications to access their functionalities from our out of the box Integrations module.
MarketplaceBuild bots easily from our readily available templates. These templates have been designed to suit different business use cases and industries. Pick the one that suits you from our collection of templates at Marketplace.

2. Self-help resources

We have a bunch of self-help resources that will help you learn everything about our product.

On the overview page, click the Help button to access the following,

Read the docsGo through our help articles to quickly find answers to your queries.
Ask the communityYou can post your queries in our community page and our product experts will offer relevant solutions.
Chat with supportChat with our support agents to receive quick answers to your questions.
Take guided tourLearn to build your first bot by opting for a product walkthrough or a step-by-step guide.
Submit FeedbackWe'd like to hear your thoughts on our product and service. Feel free to drop in your feedback.

Apart from these, we also have training materials that will educate you on the inside out of Click here to enroll.

Our product videos on Youtube will walk you through all the features.

If you'd like our experts to train you, write to [email protected].

3. Difference between and

The is a no-code platform that allows businesses to create bots and automate processes without writing any code. The is a code-based platform that provides a drag-and-drop interface for users to build and deploy chat bots.

Next Step

Go to to signup. Refer this link for detailed steps on signing up, setting up your account and subscription details.