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User 360 Overview

User 360 overview

User 360 is a Customer Data Platform that helps you manage your customer base. You can segment your customers based on some shared characteristics for personalised targeting and get insights into their cross-channel engagement behavior.

The following are some key features of User 360 -

  • User profiles: Maintain comprehensive user profiles by collecting data from bot conversations and your external tech stack. This ensures you have a complete view of each user.
  • Unified user profiles: Keep context consistent across different communication channels, enhancing the user experience by providing personalized and context-aware interactions.
  • Audience segmentation: Segment your user base into meaningful groups, making it easier to target and engage with specific audiences for better personalization.
  • Data activation: Leverage user data and segments across various modules of to enhance personalization and drive more effective interactions.
  • Real-time data updates: Add or update user records in real-time through bot conversations, integrations and user events, keeping your data up-to-date and accurate.
  • Events-based data update: Updates user records based on user events from third-party systems (through Integeations)
  • User data export: Update your user base or use it outside, you can conveniently export user data, making it readily available for your requirements.

User events in User 360

User events refer to specific actions or activities a user performs within a system, app, or platform. These define user behavior, engagements, and interactions. The standard events include user creation, user update, and user deletion.

You can also create custom events to capture important activities or conversations and send events data to Custom events can include activities such as clicks, page views, form submissions, purchases, logins, searches, interactions with specific features, and more. Tracking user events help businesses gain valuable insights into user engagement, preferences, patterns, and conversion behavior.

In User 360, you can view and filter events based on specific criteria. For example:

  • Users who have frequently visited the same product page recently
  • Users who have used the export feature multiple times
  • Users who have downgraded their plan

Export your user data

If you want to update your user base or use it outside, you to export user data easily and use it wherever required. To know more, see Export users data.