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If businesses wish to set up the SMS channel, they are required to contact the Yellow support team for assistance and guidance. However, if they prefer to set up their own SMS channel independently, they can utilize the Twilio SMS channel for seamless integration and management.

SMS (Short Message Service) is a messaging channel that allows you to send image and text messages to users through their registered phone numbers.

Connecting the SMS channel to the Cloud platform enables the following:

  • One-way conversations: Send campaigns
  • Two-way conversations: Automated responses and live agent support
  1. Send campaigns: Through SMS, you can send campaigns to inform users about discounts, sales, or special offers.
    • One-way conversation: Supports one-way communication where only the sender shares information and recipients cannot respond. These messages include promotional offers, transactional updates, alerts, or notifications.
  2. Automated replies and live agent support: Enables automatic responses to user messages received via SMS and provides immediate assistance with live agents.
    • Two-way conversation: Supports two-way communication, allowing both sender and recipient to exchange conversations. These messages can include messages such as live agent support, automated replies, order tracking, or feedback.

To send SMS using one-way or two-way communication depends on the regulations, guidelines, or requirements set by each country.

You can configure SMS services for the following countries: