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Shopee is an e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia where businesses can sign up for a seller account to sell their products directly to users.

Connecting Shopee to enables live agent support for users to respond and view clicked products during the chat.


As per Shopee's documentation guidelines, automated chatbot replies are not supported. The recommended approach is to use the Shopee channel for interactions between users and live agents. This ensures that all interactions are handled by human agents rather than automated bots.


Supported message types

The Shopee channel supports the following message types:

agent/bot to useruser to agent/bot

Prerequisites to set up Shopee

To set up Shopee, you need to consider the following prerequisites:

  • To connect your Shopee account to Yellow bot, get the link from the Channels product team.

  • Download the Shopee app from the Google Play Store, App Store, or App Gallery, depending on your mobile device’s operating system, and create a Shopee account


Connect your bot to Shopee app

  1. Click on the link, which is provided by the Channels product team, to login to your Shopee account. Enter your credentials and click Log In.

  • Once you login to your Shopee account, you can view the list of all the Southeast Asian countries.
  1. Click Confirm Authorization to provide consent to interact with the bot.

  • After providing consent, your bot will be connected to the Shopee app.

Test Shopee chatbot

After connecting your Shopee account to the Yellow bot, you can test the bot.

To test your bot, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Shopee app, search for the shop that you have connected to the bot, and select your desired product.

  2. Click Chat Now to start a conversation with your bot.