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WhatsApp business account guidelines

When setting up your WhatsApp business profile, you need to follow the below guidelines for display name:

  • A display name should represent a business or its service, organization, product, or department. Note that, organizations with a government affiliation will need to be approved by the WhatsApp team.
  • A display name must have grammatically correct capitalization and may not include all uppercase, except for acronyms.
    For example, Not accepted: RETAIL BUSINESS ORGANISATION
    Accepted: Retail Business Organisation.
  • A display name should not contain the following:
    • Extra punctuation
    • Emojis
    • Character symbols such as trademark designations
    • URL format
    • An individual's full name
    • A generic term (For example, Apparals)
    • Geographic location (For example, Texas) * A slogan or a long description.
  • A display name must have consistent branding with external sources (for example, a company's website or marketing). If they don't feel the display name is abiding by all these rules, then they will approve the display name. For instance, the Facebook account of the client is in the name of Tolaram Grp, and the display name "Colgate" is rejected by Facebook, which says there is no link between the two names. So the client has to apply for a new account under the name "Colgate Nigeria."
  • A display name must have a clear relationship to your business (must be referred on the business website or in external media references).
    For example:
    • Accepted:: Name of a charity mentioned on a non-profit organization's website.
    • Not accepted:: Name of a charity is not mentioned on any external websites.