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Getting started with

Become a coversational expert with YM two minutes at a time

This section is for all the learners who LOVE to LEARN on the GO 🏃🏻‍♂️ Time is precious and not everyone likes to take the long trail of step by step learning but get quick answers to tricky questions. This section is for the same kind of learners.


For more information about and learning, please visit this link - Ascend and sign up here to access all the resources bot building courses, virtual classroom sessions, video/audio content and much more.

How to Sign up to and create your first bot?

This video will take you through the steps of signing up on


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Platform overview Platform UI Interface

Bot orchestration

Manage and deploy multiple child bots efficiently & effectively with's Bot Orchestrator!

Boost customer experience and employees productivity with's NLP powered Bot Orchestrator to oversee conversations and assign queries to the individual child bots based on intent & context for a smoother conversational experience.

Dialogue management

See how's low code/no code platform is used for building quick & efficient conversational bots. Create flows effortlessly with pre-built & custom nodes and improve the quality of dialouges and conversations across a range of activities & workflows.

Natural Language Understanding

Discover how's #NLP architecture model uses a multilingual sentence encoder based approach and a powerful #NLU engine to perform #intent matching for accurate detection and classification of intents.

Voice capabilities

Now, enable end-to-end Voice conversations across languages with the help of advanced NLU to handle intents, entities, context & oft-repeated queries and if required warm hand off calls to #agents without repetition of the query from the customer.

The result? Smooth and fluid customer conversations over digital voice channels.

Enterprise Administration

Protect your customers and their data with access based controls. Define your own custom rules which will give you control over data and insights including the ability to adjust what data is shared across user personas.