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Insights and analytics on

The Insights module on the platform actively monitors and tracks all data and metrics associated with your bot, offering comprehensive analytics for valuable insights.

1. Explore insights module

The Insights module in consists of the following sections:

OverviewThis section provides an elaborate overview of the bot's functionality, highlighting nine common metrics such as user traffic, bot activity, and feedback.
For insights specifically related to voice bots, you can refer to the Voice overview page.
MetricsIn this section, you can access a comprehensive range of metrics pertaining to bot users and API usage for your bot. It enables you to gain valuable insights into user behavior and interaction patterns.
VisualisationExplore and analyze user journeys with ease using the visualization feature. By utilizing funnels, you can visually track user flows and delve into detailed information, enhancing your understanding of user interactions.
Doc cogThe Doc cog feature generates insights based on the documents uploaded within the Studio section. This functionality empowers you to extract valuable information and gain valuable insights from the content of your documents.
Data explorerUtilize this powerful tool to build analytics for both default and custom tables. It enables you to delve deep into your data, perform data exploration, and generate meaningful insights.
Data operationsAccess various options for data operations within this section, including data export and data purging for the available system data. You can actively manage your data and perform necessary operations to maintain data integrity and efficiency.
Health and alertsMonitor your bot's overall performance through the Health and alerts section. Set up alerts to receive email notifications regarding any issues or failures that may occur. This functionality ensures that you stay informed about the performance of your bot and can take prompt action when necessary.
DashboardCreate multiple dashboards tailored to your specific requirements. The Dashboard feature allows you to visually display all your data using widgets. This makes it easier to track key metrics and gain a comprehensive understanding of your bot's performance.

2. Manage access and permission to insights

There are two access control roles, Insights analytics and Insights admins implemented for the Insights module.

  1. Insights (Admin): This role provides access to all available data and analytics.

  2. Insights (Analytics): This role provides access to standard analytics, bot health monitoring, and user journey and goal tracking. Access granted for each module to this role is as follows:

    ModulesAccess level
    Overview dashboard✔️
    Metrics dashboard - User metrics❌ Chat transcript
    ❌ User details report
    Metrics dashboard - API usage✔️
    User journeys✔️ User journey visualization
    ✔️ Funnels
    Data ops
    Data explorer
    Doc cog
    Voice overview

    Click here to learn about roles and access management in

3. Watch insights demo