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Tokopedia is an e-commerce company in Indonesia that allows businesses to buy and sell various products and services online. Tokopedia allows sellers to create online stores and list their products, while customers can browse and purchase items.

Connecting Tokopedia to enables the following features:

  • Live agent support: If the bot is unable to address a user's query or request, it initiates the creation of a support ticket in the Inbox. This enables live agents to step in and provide further assistance.
  • Supported message types: You can use various message types that can be sent by the users to the bot and live agent, including text and image.

Setting up Tokopedia chatbot

To set up Tokopedia bot, you need to perform the following:

Create Developer console

Sign up for a Tokopedia account and login to the developer console to create your shop.

Create a developer app

You can create two types of apps:

  1. Test app
  2. Live app

Add testing app

Before connecting the bot to the official live store, ensure that it is tested with a trial or test store. This approach guarantees the intended functionality of the bot.

For setting up the testing app, click here.

Add Live app

After successfully testing the app, you can connect store to our Yellow live app or create a new live app.

Once your developer app is created, navigate to Authentication Management and copy the Client ID, App ID, and Client Secret. You need to use these details to connect your shop with the platform.

Configure Webhook on Tokopedia Developer console

After connecting to your developer apps on the Tokopedia Developer console, you need to set up a Webhook. Enter the Webhook URL shared by the Integrations team to test your bot on Tokopedia.

To configure Webhook on Tokopedia Developer console:

  1. Click Webhook settings > Webhook Push. Under Chat module, enable chat_notification and enter the Webhook URL shared by the Integrations team.

Whitelist IP address’s IP address should be whitelisted in the Tokopedia developer console.

To whitelist IP address:

  1. Click IP Whitelist & Public key > IP Whitelist. Enter's IP address and click Submit.

Connect your store to platform

To establish a connection between your store and the platform, contact Integrations team. To initiate the connection process, provide essential details such as the Client ID, Client Secret, and App ID.

Once your store is connected to platform, you can test the bot to start the conversation.

Test your bot on Tokopedia

After connecting your bot to Tokopedia, you can test your bot.

  1. Open the Tokopedia app and search for your bot.

  2. Click Chat option to start the conversation with your bot.