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Provide customer support using's Inbox

In this article, you will understand:

  1. Where to find Inbox?
  2. Functionalities of Inbox?
  3. Notifications in Inbox
  4. How does the Orchestrator bot feature work in Inbox?
  5. Inbox support on Android & iOS

You can access Inbox using the keyboard shortcut g + i.

Inbox is a unified omnichannel customer support helpdesk for agents to seamlessly manage customer queries across 35+ conversational channels. With an intuitive UX, INBOX enables agents to handle requests from a single dashboard in any language, offering complete customer history with superior context, and reducing query resolution time. It integrates and manages all customer information in one place so that communication between businesses and their customers is efficient, relevant, and personal.

1. Navigation to Inbox

To open Inbox, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to platform.
  2. On the overview switcher, click Inbox.


Inbox Settings applied in Development(Sandbox/Staging) mode does not apply to Inbox in Live(Production) mode.
It is recommended to try our customizable functionalities in Development mode and add Inbox Settings again once your bot is Live.

2. Functionalities of Inbox

There are multiple options available in the inbox module, they are listed below:

MonitorMonitor chat and email trends and team details. Click here to learn more.
Live ChatsProvide 24/7 live support to your customers from this section. Perform bulk actions, and chat searches for chats on the web, Whatsapp, Instagram, and other channels. Click here to learn more.
Email TicketsMonitor and resolve email tickets, create new tickets (manually/in bulk), and other no-code email ticketing functionalities. Click here to learn more.
ContactsCreate a list of contacts and send pro active notifications(emails) for your brand. Click here to learn more.
Analytics and ReportsFind single-click dynamic charts and generate and download detailed reports about your business and team performance to take data-driven business decisions. Click here to learn more.
KnowledgebaseDesign a knowledgebase with information to resolve user queries quickly. Click here to learn more.
SettingsManage Inbox by enabling the required functions from settings. Click here for more details.

You can customize Inbox to meet your requirements from the Settings page.

3. Inbox notifications

Based on the access you have (Inbox Admin, Supervisor, or Agent) you will get notified about all the actions on your Inbox.

  1. Click the notification icon in the upper right corner of your screen. You can find all the updates and alerts listed on the Notification tab.

  1. On clicking any of the notifications, you will be directed to the respective page.

    • For example, clicking New chat #100596 was created with status set to ASSIGNED will direct you to the chat page of #100596.
  2. Click See all notifications, you will be redirected to the Notifications page.

    • Click All (selecting this will display all the notifications), and you can select to see Read notifications/ Unread notifications from the list.
    • If you click Mark all as read, all the notifications will be marked as read.
    • You can click the blue dot next to the notifications to change the read status of it. Read notifications can be marked as unread and vice versa.
    • Click Go to settings to configure notification options.


You can configure notifications on the settings page. Click here to learn more.

4. Unified Inbox- Orchestrator bot

With the orchestrator bot feature, you can create a parent bot and add child bots(available bots in the same subscription) to it.
When Unify inbox to all child bots is selected, support tickets received by the child bots will be available in the parent bot's Inbox. You can have a unified inbox to reply to all customer queries.

5. Inbox support on Android & iOS brings YellowAI Partner for agents to reduce query resolution time by responding and addressing queries in a matter of seconds on Android and iOS. Our innovative automated live chat technology seamlessly bridges the gap between traditional and modern communication channels, while driving agent productivity, automating L1 queries, and providing better interactions through voice and video calling features.

Agents can use YellowAI Partner to:

  • Communicate with customers and serve them round the clock.
  • Handle L1 L2 queries like a boss.
  • Collaborate with teammates to address queries.
  • Provide better interactions through voice and video calling features.
  • Get empowered with access to the information.
  • Get instant feedback from customers.
  • AI Agent Workflows to automate agent actions.
  • Push Notifications for when you are on a break, so you don't miss any tickets.
  • 1. Navigation to Inbox
  • 2. Functionalities of Inbox
  • 3. Inbox notifications
  • 4. Unified Inbox- Orchestrator bot
  • 5. Inbox support on Android & iOS