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Enhance customer support with's Inbox | Best omnichannel helpdesk

Our Inbox is a comprehensive omnichannel helpdesk designed to empower customer support agents and live agents. Discover how you can provide exceptional customer support using Inbox's advanced features and functionalities.


To try Inbox demo, click here.

Learn more about Inbox's capabilities:

  1. Easy navigation to inbox and its powerful functionalities: Access inbox and explore the wide range of features available in Inbox for efficient customer query management.
  2. Stay notified with inbox notifications: Never miss a beat with timely notifications about important actions in your Inbox.
  3. Orchestrator bot feature in inbox: Discover how the Orchestrator bot feature simplifies customer query handling and unifies the Inbox experience.
  4. Inbox support on android & iOS: Access Inbox on your Android or iOS device and enjoy seamless customer interactions on the go.

Check out our informative video on Inbox:


You can access Inbox using the keyboard shortcut g + i.

Inbox revolutionizes the way you handle customer support. With its intuitive user experience and support for over 35 conversational channels, Inbox empowers agents to manage customer queries effectively. Say goodbye to scattered information and hello to a unified helpdesk that provides complete customer history and context. By centralizing all customer information, Inbox ensures efficient, relevant, and personalized communication between businesses and their customers.

Powerful functionalities of Inbox

Log in to platform. Open Inbox.


Inbox offers a wide range of options and modules to streamline your customer support process. Take advantage of the following functionalities:

MonitorKeep track of chat and email trends, as well as team details. Click here to learn more.
Live ChatsAI-powered live chat handling provides 24/7 live support to your customers across various channels. Perform bulk actions and conduct chat searches easily. Click here to learn more.
Email TicketsMonitor and resolve email tickets, create new tickets manually or in bulk, and leverage no-code email ticketing functionalities. Click here to learn more.
ContactsCreate contact lists and send proactive notifications (emails) to enhance your brand's engagement. Click here to learn more.
Analytics and ReportsAccess dynamic charts and generate detailed reports on your business and team performance, enabling data-driven decision-making. Click here to learn more.
KnowledgebaseDesign a knowledgebase to provide quick resolutions to user queries. Click here to learn more.
SettingsMCustomize Inbox to meet your specific requirements. Enable essential functions and configurations from the Settings page. Click here for more details.
You can tailor Inbox according to your needs by adjusting the settings on the dedicated page.

Settings applied to Inbox in Development (Sandbox/Staging) mode do not carry over to Live (Production) mode. We recommend customizing functionalities in Development mode and reapplying Inbox settings when your bot goes Live.

Stay notified with Inbox notifications

Stay informed about all the activities happening in your Inbox, based on your access level (Inbox Admin, Supervisor, or Agent). Here's how notifications work:

  1. Click on the notification icon in the upper right corner of your screen. The Notification tab displays all the updates and alerts.


  2. Clicking on any notification takes you directly to the relevant page.

    For example, clicking on New chat #100596 was created with status set to ASSIGNED will redirect you to chat #100596.

  3. Click on see all notifications to access the comprehensive Notifications page.

    • You can filter notifications by selecting All (displays all notifications) or choose to view Read or Unread notifications.
    • Mark all notifications as read by clicking Mark all as read.
    • Easily change the read status of notifications by clicking the blue dot next to each notification. Toggle between read and unread statuses.
    • Configure notification options by clicking on Go to settings.


Configure your notification preferences on the settings page. Learn more here.

Orchestrator bot feature in Inbox

With the powerful orchestrator bot feature, you can create a parent bot and add child bots from the same subscription. When you select Unify inbox to all child bots, support tickets received by the child bots become available in the parent bot's Inbox. This unified inbox allows you to efficiently respond to all customer queries.


Watch a video on Inbox orchestrator bot:


Unified inbox will only work for bots built on the cloud platform (i.e., You cannot unify bots built on app with cloud(or vice versa).

Inbox Support on Android & iOS

Experience the convenience of Inbox on your Android or iOS device with YellowAI Partner. This dedicated app empowers agents to resolve queries swiftly, enhancing query resolution time and customer satisfaction. Key features of YellowAI Partner include:

  • Seamless communication with customers, providing round-the-clock support.
  • Effective handling of L1 and L2 queries.
  • Collaboration with teammates for efficient query resolution.
  • Enhanced customer interactions through voice and video calling features.
  • Instant access to information, empowering agents to provide accurate and timely responses.
  • Real-time feedback from customers to improve support quality.
  • AI Agent Workflows to automate agent actions and boost productivity.
  • Push Notifications to ensure you never miss any tickets, even when taking a break.

Download YellowAI Partner on Android and iOS to leverage its innovative automated live chat technology and elevate your customer support game.

  • Powerful functionalities of Inbox
  • Stay notified with Inbox notifications
  • Orchestrator bot feature in Inbox
  • Inbox Support on Android & iOS