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Webex is a communication platform that enables conversations with chatbots or agents within the Webex messaging app. This channel lets you initiate conversations and share files, images, and videos.

Prerequisites to setup a Webex channel

  • Register an account on the Webex Developers portal.
  • Copy the Bot access token and bot username, as these are needed for connection and testing purposes.

Setup Webex channel using developer portal

To set up a Webex channel, you need to sign up for the Webex Developers portal.

Create a bot in Webex

To create a bot in Webex, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Webex Developers Portal and click Sign up if you have not created an account.

  2. Enter your email address and click Next.

  3. Enter the verification code that is sent to your email address and provide the details such as First name, Last name, phone, and Create Password, then click Continue.

  4. Your account has been successfully setup. Click Continue to developer portal. This will redirect you to the developer portal.

  5. Click Start building apps.

  6. Click Create a bot.

  7. Enter the following details:

    • Bot name: Enter the bot name.

    • Bot username: Enter the bot username.

    • Icon: Select or upload an icon for your bot.

    • App Hub Description: Enter the description of your bot.

    • Click Add Bot.

  • Your bot will be created successfully.
  1. Copy the Bot access token to connect the Webex channel to your bot on the platform.

  2. Copy the bot username to test the Webex chatbot.


Connect Webex to your bot

To connect a Webex channel to your bot on the platform, follow these steps:

  1. On the left navigation bar, click Extensions.

  2. Click Channels > Messaging > Webex.

  3. Enter the App token that you have copied from the Webex developer portal (see step 9 in the "Create a bot in Webex" section).

  4. click Save.

    • This will connect you to the Webex channel.
  5. Navigate to the Overview page, under the Active channels section, to verify that the Webex channel is connected to your bot.

Test your Webex chatbot

After creating your Webex bot successfully, you can test the chatbot with any of the existing flows.

To test your Webex chatbot, follow these steps:

  1. Setup the bot based on your business use case.

  2. Copy the bot username from the Webex Developers portal.

  3. Open your Webex app and click Invite people to Webex.

  4. Enter the bot username that you have copied from the Webex Developers portal and click Invite.

    • The bot that you have created in the Webex developer portal will be displayed in the Webex app.
  5. Initiate a conversation to test the bot.