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Launch your bot across channels is an omnichannel platform that requires only a single connection setup for any channel where the user wants the bot to be present. Any user can design the bot on the web and make it work seamlessly across any channel.

You can connect your bot to multiple channels such as social media, websites, and messaging applications, to reach out to your business customers, improve your business, and boost your brand’s visibility.

To launch your bot across channels, you need to set up your bot, which is relevant to a specific channel on the platform. Each channel requires a particular setup and configuration to connect your bot. Depending on the type of channel, you need to set up authentication credentials and other information to connect your bot to the channel.

After setting up the channel, you need to test your bot, connect it to the respective channel, and ensure that the bot is responding to users.

Watch the introductory video on Channels:

Access Channels

  1. Log in to

  2. On the switcher, click Channels.

  3. You can see list of channels under various categories along with Chat Widget as mentioned below: