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User-agent interaction control

When a user engages with a live agent, the bot temporarily pauses to enable direct communication between the user and the agent. By default, the ticket remains active until it is closed by the agent.

  • To allow the user to disconnect from the live agent at any time during the conversation, you can load a callout banner with an action button.

  • Once the conversation with the live agent is closed, you can hide the banner.

Load the banner when a live agent is connected‚Äč

return new Promise(resolve => {
// for adding title and text to close chat banner
let response = [{

title: "Do you want to exit from chat?",
options: [{
title: "Close chat",
text: "talk to bot"
// event:"exit-chat-queue"


  • Step 2: After configuring this function, you need to train the bot with a "talk to bot" utterance to trigger the flow.

  • Step 3: Create two custom events:

    • ui-event-update-promotion (to load the banner).
    • ui-event-close-promotion (event to close the banner).
  • Step 4: When an agent is connected to the user, use the send event node to send the ui-event-update-promotion event data as the above function variable (array) to display the banner with the option to close the chat.

    • When user clicks on close chat button, trigger the bot flow to close the live agent ticket and use send event node to send the ui-event-close-promotion to close the banner.