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Chat widget events offers a wide range of options to customize features for its web widget. However, sometimes, our clients need even more flexibility in crafting the widget’s design, and functionality as per their use cases.

You can use certain tricks to customize your web widget to suit your needs. This section helps you with different ways to customize your chat widget’s look and feel, functionality, and capture bot events.

When your bot is operational, it generates various events. You can use them to capture those occurrences and trigger a flow or automation workflow.

1. Send event to bot

// find the widget iframe
const ymIframe = document.getElementById('ymIframe');
// event_name should be a valid name supported by the widget.
const message = JSON.stringify({code: 'event_name', data: {...}});
// send a cross-site message using
// window.postMessage(message, targetOrigin, transfer) API.
ymIframe.contentWindow?.postMessage(message, window.location.origin);

2. Listen to a bot event

<script type="text/javascript">
window.addEventListener('message', function(eventData) {
// make sure to verify origin to prevent XSS attacks.
// if (event.origin !== <your_origin>) throw new Error('Message not allowed");

2.1 Available events

ym-bot-openedBot opened
ym-bot-closedBot closed
ym_event_quick_replyQuick Reply clicked
ym_event_image_clickedImage opened in preview
ym_event_card_actionCard action button clicked
ym-bot-loaded-on-page-reloadWhen the refresh context is false, the bot will receive events as soon as the page reloads
ym_homeHome button clicked
message-receivedNew message received by user that is, sent by the bot
page-url-based-triggerWhenever a notification is sent in the bot (for electron apps)