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Install chrome extension

The Chrome extension allows you to paste the script of your bot on any webpage to test your development bot's payload and authentication locally on your device without having to publish changes to Live.

After customising your chatbot, you can preview it and add it to your website.

1. Add chatbot to website‚Äč

Follow these steps to add a Chrome extension and to preview your customised chatbot on a website:

  1. Install the Chrome extension using this link.

  2. Copy the chat widget code as explained here.

  3. Open the extension in your Chrome browser.

  4. In the first input box, enter the entire website URL. The chat widget will appear on the website based on the URL that you have entered here.

  5. In the second input field, paste the chat widget script you copied in step 2 and click Launch Widget.

  6. Open the website URL that you have entered in the first input box to view your chatbot.