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Google Play store

Integrate your Google Play store account with and actively manage user ratings and reviews. This process requires you to have the Google Play Console, Google Cloud Console, and an Android app deployed on the Play Store.

This integration is compatible with any version supported by the Google Play Store. For further details on the action nodes used in this integration, please refer to the documentation.

Connect Play store with

Connect your cloud console and Google Play accounts (as mentioned here) before integrating your Play Store account with

Authenticate to access Google Play Store

  1. Go to Integrations > Tools & Utilities > Google playstore. You can also search for Google Playstore in the search box.

  2. In the Give account name field provide a name to your account in

  3. In Email, enter the email address of your Google Playstore account.

  4. In Private key and Package name, enter the private key and package name of your Google Play store account.

  5. Click Connect.

Enable Google Playstore events in

Activating this event will allow the bot to receive notifications when a review is posted for your app on the Google Play Store.

  1. Go to Studio > Event > Integrations and search for playstore_review.

  2. Click on the more options icon and select Activate.

Manage Google play store from

After integrating your Google Play Store account with, you will be able to respond to the ratings and reviews that users have left for your app on the Google Play Store via emails (tickets).


The credentials used during integration with will generate access and refresh tokens for the specified connected package. These tokens will be utilized to fetch the ratings and reviews posted by users on the application.

  1. Add the event playstore_review in the Start node.

2. Include a Raise a Ticket node to capture reviews and ratings as tickets, and build the remaining flow based on your specific use case.


Currently, the use case is restricted to receiving ratings and reviews through tickets and responding to them via tickets.

Sample success response:

"success": true,
"message": "Execution Successful",
"data": {
"statusCode": 201,
"body": {
"reviewId": "87654321",
"authorName": "Joan Smith",
"comments": [
"userComment": {
"text": "This app is awesome!",
"lastModified": {
"seconds": "1452114723",
"nanos": 913000000
"starRating": 5