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Now App’s developer can use the below function to execute cloud integration action node.

Execute action node

The executeIntegrationAction function enables you to execute the action node of cloud’s Integration.

Sample code

"integrationName": "payu-payment-gateway",
"action": "Generate Payment Link",
"dynamicParams": {
"amount": "1",
"productInfo": "testProduct",
"customerFirstName": "Test Customer",
"customerEmail": "[email protected]",
"customerMobileNumber": "9999999999",
"txnid": "123456789"
console.log("response from action node", res);
app.log(res, '||Response from action node||')
console.log("Error in action node",err);
app.log(err, '||Error in action node||')
Params’ NameRequiredDescriptionExample
integrationNameMandatoryTo get this value, Go to> Integration -> search for require integration ->connect it using your creds-> Go to flow -> add flow for integration ->Click on integration action node -> Copy the integration name from the card-> replace first caps letter to small.payu-payment-gateway
actionMandatoryGo to flow -> click on integration card -> copy the action name from drop downGenerate Payment Link
dynamicParamsMandatorySelect the action from integration card -> copy the field name as key(replace first caps letter in small) and value you can take from the user. {"amount":"1","productInfo":"testProduct","customerFirstName":”Test Customer","customerEmail":"[email protected]","customerMobileNumber":"9999999999","txnid": "123456789"}

Success Response

"Transaction Id": "abaac3332",
"Email Id": "[email protected]",
"Phone": "9900000000",
"Status": "Success",
"URL": ""

Failure Response

“success”: false,
“error”: “Error processing Generate Payment Link”,
“success”: false,
“error”: “Error In executing action node”,
“message”:”Invalid amount”


  1. Go to Growth then click on Data Explore, It will open site. alt_text

  2. Go to Integration section in then search for your integration and connect by using your credentials. alt_text