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The Atlassian integration with enables you to manage Atlassian activities, allowing your bot to provide users with access to their Atlassian account and perform Atlassian actions directly within the bot.

Steps to integrate with

The following are the steps to be followed to integrate your Atlassian account with

Create an app on Atlassian

  1. Go to and click Create > Oauth 2.0 integration.

  2. Go to Console > My apps > yourAppName > Permission > Jira API > Add > Configure.

  3. Add configure the app’s API scopes for JIRA.

Common permissions

read:jira-workRead access to Jira project and issue information, and search for specific issues.
read:jira-userRead access to Jira user information that is available to you.
write:jira-workCreate and edit access to Jira issues, including creating and editing them, posting comments on behalf of the user, adding worklogs, and deleting issues.
read:servicedesk-requestRead access to customer requests data, including approvals, attachments, comments, and request participants.
write:servicedesk-requestCreate and edit access to customer requests, including creating and editing them, adding comments and attachments.
  1. Go to > Extensions > Integrations, and click the URL hyperlink to copy it copy it.

  2. Paste this in the Callback URL field.

  3. Go to Settings and copy the Client ID and Secret.

Connect Atlassian with

  1. On the Cloud platform, navigate to Development/Staging environment and go to Extensions > Integrations > Tools & Utilities > Atlassian. Alternatively, you can use the Search box to find a specific integration.

  2. In Give account name, enter a unique name for the integration. You can use only lowercase alphanumeric characters and underscores (_).

  3. Enter Client ID, Client secret to access Atlassian account.

  4. Add the list of Scopes for the integration, separate each scope with space.

    For example: scope": "offline_access read:jira-work read:jira-user write:jira-work read:servicedesk-request write:servicedesk-request

  1. Click Connect.

  2. To connect another account, click + Add account and proceed with the previous steps. You can add a maximum of 15 accounts.

Manage Atlassian actions through bot conversations

The Atlassian integration enables bot to perform the following actions:

Enable Atlassian events in Studio

  1. Open your cloud platform and navigate to the Development/Staging environment.

  2. Go to Studio > Event > Custom events and create a custom event named atlassian-auth-success. Click here for the steps to create custom event.

  3. You can set this event as a start trigger for a flow. This flow will get triggered after a user is successfully authorized. Build the flow to execute the desired action immediately after the user's authorization.

Managing Atlassian actions through bot conversations

  1. In the Development/Staging environment, go to Studio > Build > and flow where you want to access Atlassian functions.

  2. When adding a node, choose Integrations > Atlassian.

Generate Atlassian login URL

To display the URL to the user, pass this variable in a message node in this syntax {{variables.variable.arrayname.fieldname}}.

Sample response

"success": true,
"message": "Login URL Generated Successfully.",
"data": {
"AtlassianLoginUrl": ""

Refresh access token on

Choose the variable that contains Refresh token.

Field nameData typeDescriptionSample value
Refresh TokenStringAccess and refresh token obtained from Atlassian event after successful login.asddskeku2iwewbhwjsnmelsdjckmd22eokeds

Sample success response:

"access_token": "eyJraWQiOiJmZTM2ZThkMzZjMTA2N2RjYTgyNTg5MmEiLCJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiJ9.-sHvWY5wAsrRuvzgOJ-ImZlQXPKnz_-Mv4K70aHwVkpbE8sLXovfoo2gIZZ2mgsTKzeVQ_YcKX0EMPTnuViXMoDwm1RfwHb",
"expires_in": 3600,
"token_type": "Bearer",
"refresh_token": "eyJraWQiOiI1MWE2YjE2MjRlMTQ5ZDFiYTdhM2VmZjciLCJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiJ9.eyJqdGkiOiI5NDg3ZWM5My1iZDk5LTQ4YTctODNiMi02YWNjMmE4ODlmNDgiLCJzdWIiOiI2MjgzNTUwNGNjMWQxNTAwNmZ",
"scope": "manage:jira-configuration manage:jira-project offline_access read:jira-user"