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Google identity management

Integrate your platform with Google Identity management for a simplified user authentication and enhanced security. This integration lets you effortlessly create a login URL within the platform. This URL allows users to conveniently log in and access their information, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Connect Google identity management with

To integrate your Google Identity Management account with, follow these steps:

Fetch Client ID and Client Secret from Google console

  1. Go to Google's developer portal and create a new project.

  2. Fill in the details and click Create.

  3. Click more on the top right corner and click APIs & Services > Enabled APIs & services.

  4. To set up the OAuth, click Configure consent screen on the right.

  5. Choose the User Type as Internal and click Create.

  6. Fill in all the mandatory fields in the following page and click Save and Create at the bottom of the page.

  7. Set the scopes in the following screen. Click here to know about the scopes in detail.

  8. Go to + Create Credentials > OAuth client ID.

  9. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret.


    To retrieve package name and private key from google console, please follow the steps mentioned here.

Add the credentials in

  1. Go to Integrations > Search for Google Identity Management.

  2. Fill in the following fields:

  • Give account name: Provide a name to your account.
  • Client ID: Paste the Client ID. (copied from the previous step)
  • Client secret: Paste the Client secret. (copied from the previous step)
  1. Click Connect.

  2. After a successful integration, copy the Webhook URL.

  3. Go to your Google console > APIs & Services > Credentials and paste it under Authorized redirect URIs.


Activate Google auth success event

To let the bot know that the user has successfully logged in, you need to activate this event.

  1. Go to Studio > Event > Integration > Search for google-auth-success > Activate.

  2. You can set this event as a start trigger for a flow. This flow will get triggered after a user has successfully been authorized. Build the flow to execute the desired action immediately after the user's authorization.

Set up the Google login URL on

  1. Go to Studio and create a flow based on your usecase.

  2. Include the integration node at the point in the flow where you want to authorize the user or when the bot needs to request user authorization. To accomplish this, navigate to Integrations and select Google Identity Management.

  3. Click the node and fill the following fields:

  1. To display the URL to the user, pass this variable in a message node in this syntax {{variables.variable.arrayname.fieldname}}.