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Netcore Smartech Integration with Netcore Smartech enables the end user to do the following:

  1. Receive the event from Netcore on the addition of Yellow’s webhook URL.

1. Configuration

You can configure Netcore Smartech by following the below steps:

  1. Enabling the Integration in Integrations Module.
  • Login to and click on the Integrations Module from the top left corner of your screen.
  • Then search for the integration named Netcore or choose the category named Tools & Utilities from the left navigation bar and then click on Netcore Smartech.
  • Click on Connect and the Integration will be enabled at’s end and the event will be added to Event Hub.
  • If you have multiple accounts, follow the above mentioned steps to add each of them.
  1. Enter a unique name for each account to easily identify them within the platform. It is recommended to use a name that aligns with its purpose for better usability.
  2. You can add a maximum of 15 accounts.
  3. In a two-tier environment, such as bots with only Development/Live environments, you can add account names only in the development mode. Once added and flows have been built, in the Live mode, you can only choose the account names and not edit them.
  4. In a three-tier environment, such as bots with Staging/Sandbox/Production modes, in Staging and Sandbox modes, you can add and edit new accounts. However, in Production, only the account details added in Staging will be available. You can only map in the production environment.

  1. Configure webhook URL in netcore dashboard.
    • Copy the webhook URL mentioned in the Instructions section of the Netcore Smartech Integration Card. Please note that based on the region of your bot i.e r1/r2/r3/r4/r5, you need to append that to the domain of the webhook URL. For example, if the domain is, you need to change it to if the region of the bot is r1. If the bot belongs to the India region, you can use the origin domain itself.
    • The client needs to log in to the Netcore Smartech dashboard and navigate to the Webhook URL Configuration section and add the provided webhook URL.

  1. Receiving event in Bot.
  • Login to and click on the Studio Module from the top left corner of your screen.

  • Click on the Event, from the left navigation bar and then choose Integrations.

  • You will find an event named netcoreEvent that needs to be activated by clicking on the three dots next to the name of the event.

  • After activating the event, a flow needs to be created in the Studio module whose trigger point is this event. Now based on the event data received, an appropriate message is displayed to the end user.


    If you have added multiple accounts in your platform, enable events for each of those accounts. :::

Sample webhook event data sent by Paytm:

"webhook_name": "yellow-ai",
"event_params": {
"foreignkey": "9999999997",
"linkid": -1
"custom_params": {
"channel": "sms",
"type": "click"
"att_params": {
"MBR_DOBIRTH": "23-12-88",
"AGE_BUCKET_APR17": "25 To <30_Yr",