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Inbox settings

  • Only Inbox Admins can change/modify Inbox settings.
  • Inbox Settings must be configured separately for Live and Production environment.
Productivity tools settings
Canned responsesConfigure pre-defined notifications (shortcuts) for frequent replies
CollaborationConfigure how agents can add collaborators to chats/tickets
KnowledgebaseCustomize the look and feel of your Knowledgebase(KB), Manage your site's name, URL, favicon, and banners
Knowledgebase - IntegrationsIntegrate KB with chatbots(widgets) and GTM
Email templatesCreate a template that can be sent to the customers directly via. email tickets
Teams settings
AgentsConfigure agent details
GroupsDivide agents into groups to assign different types of tickets for different use cases
Working hoursSet working hours for your agent groups
Workflow settings
Custom statusCreate and modify custom agent status
Custom fieldsCreate fields to capture additional details of chat/ticket
SLA settingsDefine new SLAs, add conditions, and set targets for the inbox agents handling email tickets
Queue handlingControl how incoming chat tickets are handled when all the agents are occupied
Offline handlingConfigure how to manage tickets raised after working hours
Chat transcriptEnable/disable sending ticket transcript to customers after the chat
TagsConfigure tags to assign to a conversation
Customer satisfactionEnable/disable CSAT for inbox agents and analyze them
Video callEnable/disable voice call for live chat
Email ticketing configurationEnable/disable this setting to handle email support tickets
Automation settings
Auto assignment email ticketsEnable/disable auto assignment of email tickets to agents
Chat assignment for sticky agentConfigure how a customer can connect with a specific agent
Auto translate (Google API key generation)Configure how messages can automatically be translated to the preferred language for customer and agent
Automation with StudioConfigure agent actions that can be triggered from inbox to automate a micro-task
Inactivity triggerConfigure when the chat becomes inactive
Notification settingsConfigure inbox notification tab