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Canned responses

Canned responses are displayed on the chat screen when the agent presses # (hash key), configure these responses in this section .

In this article, you will learn:

  1. How to add canned responses for chat and email?
  2. How to delete canned responses?
  3. How to use canned reponse in chat/ticket screen?

Pre-defines snippets of texts that can be used as shortcuts, greetings, and conversation dialogues while an agent is typing a message. It reduces the time taken by an agent to respond to a chat/ticket. With the canned response feature, you can directly add frequently uses content (image/text) in a message without typing it multiple times. For example, questions like 'What is your return policy?' are asked frequently, for such questions, instead of typing the policy, an agent can add a canned response(which will have the policy).

Canned responses can be configured for:

  1. Live chats- Can have Text and Media as a response
  2. Email tickets- Can have only Text as a response

Based on the requirement, canned responses can be added or edited by an inbox admin. The process to add/delete canned responses for chat and email is the same.

Add canned responses

Follow the steps below to add a canned response:

  1. Open Inbox > Settings. Search and select Canned responses.

  2. On the canned response page, there are 2 tabs - Chat and Email. You can configure responses for both chat and email in the same manner. Select any of the tabs.

Email does not support Media canned response.

  1. Click +Create canned response. Select Text or Media from the drop-down menu.

Add text to your canned response

  1. In Text, you can save a canned response as text by entering Canned response text along with required expressions like agent email, bot title, etc (can be copy pasted from the right panel).

    • Tag: Tag is a short keyword that you can add on your chats screen (when you type # and your tag) the text canned response configured will be displayed. Example: #welcomemessage.
    • Canned response text: Enter a text that must be displayed when the tag(#welcomemessage) is used on chat screen.


Dynamic variables
The list of expressions available on the left side can be added along with your text by copying and pasting the required expression. For example:

  • Agent name (available to the bot): {{}}
  • Bot name (available to the bot): {{agent.username}}
  • Customer name (to be entered by the agent on the chat screen/fetched from the flow): {{bot.botname}}
  • Custom fields (to be entered by the agent on the chat screen): Will vary based on the custom fields


Add a media file or image to your canned response

  1. In Media you can add image/file as canned response.
    • Tag: Tag is a short keyword that you can add on your chats screen (when you type # and your tag) the media canned response configured will be displayed. Example: #confirmation.
    • Media type: Select media type as Image/ File and upload an image(JPEG, PNG format) or file(any format) from your local system.
  2. Click Create.
  3. All the canned responses will be displayed on the page.

Edit/Delete canned response

To edit/delete a canned response, click the 3 dots beside the Template name you wish to edit.

  1. Select Edit/Delete.
  2. Save the edited changes/ Confirm to delete.

Use canned response on the chat/ticket screen

Saved/configured canned responses will be available in the chats/ticket section automatically, you can them by clicking canned response icon or by typing # followed by the required tag.

Canned response on live chat screen


Canned response on email tickets screen

Canned response search functionality

You can search for canned responses in the dropdown list by clicking on the canned response icon and entering relevant tags/content. Here are some tips on how to use the canned response search effectively:

  • Search by tag or content: Canned responses can be searched using either tags or the exact words within their content.

    If you have a canned response tagged as "greeting" and the content "Hello, how can I assist you?", searching for either "greeting" or "assist" will display this response.

    Tag search: Content search:
  • Highlighting of matching terms: When you perform a search, the matching content or tag from the search term will be highlighted in bold. This makes it easier to identify relevant responses.

    If you search for the tag "discount," any canned responses with that tag will have it highlighted.

  • Preference for tag results: Results that match the assigned tags will be given priority over those that match the content.

    If you have a canned response tag as "billing" and another response with the word "billing" in its content, the tag "billing" will appear first in the search results.

  • Case insensitivity: The search function is case insensitive, meaning it considers uppercase and lowercase letters as equivalent.

    Searching for "Fashion" or "fashion" will yield the same results.

  • Combined result for multiple search terms: When you use multiple search terms, the results will only be shown if both terms match in the exact order.

    Searching for "fanta" and "offers" will only display responses that contain both of these words in that specific order.


Media type canned responses can only be searched through their assigned tags and not their attachment names.