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Enable/disable auto assignment of email tickets to agents

Auto-assign is enabled by default, hence email tickets are automatically assigned to inbox agents based on the set conditions. Inbox admins can be enabled/disabled auto assignment settings as and when required.

Auto-assignment of email tickets

  • The auto-assignment feature automates the assignment of incoming tickets based on agents' capacity, availability, and expertise.
    • Agent availability: When the agent is available, new ticket will be assigned.
    • Last live chat/email ticket assigned time: Agent who has not received an email request for the longest duration get the incoming email ticket.
    • Concurrency: Agents will bandwidth will be assigned with the incoming ticket based on the concurrency set.

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  • When the Automatic ticket assignment toggle is enabled, tickets will get distributed automatically to your available agents through round-robin assignment.

Disable auto assignment of email tickets

Follow the given steps to enable/disable email ticket auto-assignment:

  1. Open Inbox > Settings.
  2. Search and select Auto Assignment.
  3. Enable/Disable the toggle.