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Upcoming change (Inbox partner app enhancements)

We're excited to introduce significant improvements to the mobile app interface, enhancing your overall chat experience across different types.


DescriptionUser interface
My Chats page featured three tabs—Assigned, Open, and Archive.

- Filtering for specific chat types, such as Resolved chats, required navigating through the Archive chats tab.
- Agent filtering could only be applied to chats within the archived segment.


We've streamlined the interface to create a unified Chats page. No more distinct tabs; instead, a dropdown provides easy access to various chat types, including My chats, Active chats, Queued chats, Resolved chats, Missed chats, and Open chats. Here's what's new:

  • Default view: Upon entering the Chats page, the default view is My Chats, displaying all chats assigned to the respective agent.
  • Enhanced navigation: Chats selection and filtering options have been repositioned for a more intuitive and seamless experience, aligning along the same horizontal level.
  • Unified filters: Date, Source, Tags, Groups, and Agents filters are now available for all chat types. However, the Agents filter is exclusive to Active chats and Resolved chats.


Role-Based Access: Different chat sections are now available based on user roles:

RoleAvailable chatsDefault selected chat typeReply permissions
AgentMy Chats, Resolved Chats, Missed Chats, Open ChatsMy ChatsCan reply only to assigned chats in My Chats
AdminActive Chats, Queued Chats, Resolved Chats, Missed Chats, Open ChatsActive ChatsCan reply to any chat in Active Chats
Agent + AdminMy Chats, Active Chats, Queued Chats, Resolved Chats, Missed Chats, Open ChatsMy ChatsCan reply to assigned chats and any other active chats in My Chats

These enhancements aim to simplify your interaction with the app, making it more user-friendly and efficient. We hope you enjoy the upgraded mobile chat experience!