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Use's inbox live chat

When the customer opts to switch from bot interaction to human interaction, with Inbox, they are connected to the Live agents (who are available to accept live chats).

To configure your bot to chat with a live agent:

  1. Studio must be configured:
    • With a flow to identify chat with an agent intent and raise a live chat request to Inbox.
  2. Inbox must be configured:
    • To receive and reply to chats.
    • To allow agents to converse with the bot users by providing Inbox agent/admin access.

      Learn how to provide/receive inbox access, click here.

  • This article discusses the creation of live chat that are received by the Inbox agent for live resolution. This is a simplified demo.
  • Email tickets are configured using different steps.

On your web browser, you can open 2 different tabs (Studio module and Inbox module)

Tab 1: Configure Studio flow and request for support


You will not be able to create flows on Studio module when the bot is in Live/Production mode, hence, try Inbox demo in Development or Sandbox/Staging mode.

You can follow any of the given three methods to create flow on Studio to support Inbox.

  • Import support flow while creating bot (recommended).
  • Use the Inbox setup option provided on the preview tab (recommended).
  • Create a support flow from scratch.
  • Import support flow from Marketplace.

Create a flow

Steps to import Connect with support flow while creating a bot

  1. Click Create bot to create a new bot.
  2. Enter the details and select the Add live chat support to your bot checkbox. Support flow will get automatically imported.

Steps to import Connect with support from preview tab

  1. After creating a bot, go to Studio.
  2. Open Preview bot tab and select Connect to agent (to configure Inbox flow) or Others (to connect to other live agent apps on Integrations).

Steps to create Support flow from scratch

  1. Create an Intent and add utterances to identify the flow that connects a user to a live inbox agent.
    • Utterance examples, “Can I talk to a Live agent?”, and “Connect me to Customer Support”.
  2. Add prompts to collect information(name and query) from the users. Store the collected details in the respective variables.
  3. Connect the flow to Raise ticket action node (pass the collected information). Click here to learn about the action node.
  4. Advanced options can be enabled and optional fields can be entered.

Steps to import Connect with support template from Marketplace

  1. Click Create flow from Studio. See steps here.
  2. Search for Support templates(prebuilt marketplace flows). Add the most suited flow to your bot.


Refer to this guide to work with Marketplace templates.

Raise a request for live chat

  1. After the flow is created, test it on the demo bot space by raising a live chat request. That is, enter a message in the input bar to connect to an agent, and provide details.

  2. If the live chat request is raised successfully and the Inbox agent has received the chat (explained in the next section), agent connected message will be displayed (as configured on the raise ticket node).

  3. You can navigate to the Inbox screen by clicking Go to Inbox.


You will not be able to raise another live chat request until the current live chat is resolved.

Tab 2: Live chat request and resolution on the Inbox chat screen

  • To test the live agent transfer, you must have Inbox agent access.
  • Your status (inbox agent) must be Available.

Once you have created the live agent flow, follow these steps to test how tickets get created and get assigned to inbox agents:

  1. Open Inbox > Chats > My chats.

  2. As only you will be the only available Inbox agent to your bot, the live chat will be assigned to you. Make sure you are Available. To check your status, click on the profile icon on the right corner, and verify the status drop-down.

  3. You will see a live chat raised. It will be displayed as a message on My chat page(if the live chat request is successful). You can reply to that message from your live chat screen. This is a real-time conversation on the bot.


  4. You can close the live chat (and click Resolve to resolve the live chat and test the message displayed on Tab 1 after the live chat has ended with the agent.