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Tags (for live chats and email tickets)

Tags are patterns or keywords used to label a conversation, which can be applied to both email tickets and live chats. By tagging chats and tickets, admins can filter and search for them more easily, which helps them analyze the traffic. Some examples of tags include suggestion, payment_issue, general_query, and delivery_issue.

  • Agents can add any tags they want to the live chat or email ticket they are working on.
  • Admins or supervisors can use tags to identify new trends in the support process, analyze the type of incoming requests that are being raised, and develop their product strategy through analytics.

Use case
When agents are handling multiple incoming chat requests, it can be challenging to have an idea of the kind of chats being handled due to the heavy load. Therefore, the trend or pattern behind the chat is identified and labeled using keywords called tags. For instance, if there are multiple support tickets or chats tagged with payment_issue on the same day, an admin can analyze that there is an escalated issue occurring in the payment gateway. Once identified, an immediate solution can be provided.


Only Admins can create tags, which can be analyzed in the Chat archive report and Ticket archive report.

1. Create new tag

To add a new tag, follow the given steps:

  1. Open Inbox > Settings.
  2. Search and select Tags.
  3. Select the Chat/Email tab. Enter tags separately for live chats and email tickets.
  4. Enter a tag label (to enter multiple tags, use ',') and click +Add.
  5. You can delete any tag by clicking on the three dots next to the tag name and confirming the delete action.

2. View tags on chat/email screens

All the tags that have been created will be available in the tags dropdown menu, which agents can use to search and select the required values. You can find the tags in the following screens:

  1. Chat screen:

  2. Ticket screen (detailed view):