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Email templates

In this article, you will learn:

  1. How to create email templates?
  2. How to use email templates?

Email Templates

Email templates are pre built tempaltes that can be sent to the customers directly while creating and responding to the email tickets.

HTML email branding templates can help support teams (Inbox agents) communicate with customers by:

  • Providing a consistent and professional look and feel for all of the company emails.
  • Aiding the support teams to ensure that their emails have a consistent layout and design, this helps the overall branding and image of the team.
  • Making it easier to include links, images, and other formatting in the emails, which can make them more engaging and easier to read, customers will have clear and concise information.
  • Allowing support teams to quickly and easily insert personalized information, such as the customer's name and account details, into the emails providing customers with a more personalized and positive experience.

1. Create email templates


Only inbox admins can create email templates.

To create email templates, follow the below steps:

  1. Open Inbox > Settings.

  2. Search and select Email template.

  3. Click +Create template.

  4. Enter any relevant template Name and select the Body (editor type) based on the elements you would like to add to your template.

    • HTML editor: HTML tags are added by default, you can enter the title between the title tags. Enter the email text between body tags. Add variables using {{ content }}. Other elements can be added following the HTML syntax.

    • Plain text editor: You can add only text and variables to this template. Add variables using {{ content }}.


Add Dynamic variables to email templates

To add variables to the template that gets dynamically updated with the relevant data, click on the variables icon available at the top of the editor. Click Add next to the available variables.

  • {{content}} gets updated with the agent's response.
  • Other Ticket details and bot details are automatically updated. For example, Hi! I'm {{}} Thanks for talking to {{bot.botName}}! will be rendered as Hi! I'm John! Thanks for talking to MIA!
  1. Check how the design looks on the web and app interface. Click Create template.

Other options:

  1. All the email templates will be visible on the settings page.

    • You can select a default template to be sent to the users automatically with the ticket (even without agents selection) by selecting a template name from the dropdown.

    • Search and select a template by typing the name on the search bar.

    • Click the template name and choose to Edit/Delete the template.

2. Use email templates to respond to email tickets


Inbox admins and agents can use email templates while responding to or creating new email tickets.

Follow the below steps to use email templates:

  1. Click the Quick actions option that is available on the email ticket screen (Inbox > Tickets). Click Send template.

  2. Select the required template and click Insert.

  3. The template is inserted.

    • Type the content in the email that will get updated to the {{content}} variable in the template.

    • Click Change to add a different template.

    • Click Remove to delete this template from the email.

    • Click Preview to view the complete template.

    Sample preview:

  4. Fill in the other details and send the response.

  • 1. Create email templates
  • 2. Use email templates to respond to email tickets