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Resolve, transfer or reopen a live chat

Admin and agents have the ability to resolve or transfer a live chat and re-open a missed/resolved chat by clicking the corresponding button at any point during the conversation.

1. Resolve/transfer a live chat

Agents can click Resolve to close the live chat after providing a solution.
Agents can click Transfer when they are unable to provide the required solution and the next agent can take over.


In some instances, inbox admins may require agents to fill in specific details before resolving or transferring a chat. If this is the case, refer to this article for more information.

  • To resolve/transfer live chats, required custom fields must be entered on the user details. In the below image, Order ID is the custom field that must be entered to transfer/resolve this chat. drawing

Custom fields can be marked for required to transfer /close chat while creating them. Click here to create custom fields (only the Inbox admins can control this section).

  • When the required field is entered, Transfer and Resolve buttons are clickable.

  • Agent can close the chat by clicking Resolve.

  • Agent can Transfer a live chat,

    • To a particular Group: If the query is of a particular topic and it is transfered to a group, it is auto-assigned to any available agent of that group.

      The numbers visible in the brackets next to the group names are the total number of agents available in that group.

    • To a particular Agent: If this query can be resolved only by the selected agent/want a particular agent to address this chat, select the agent's name. The live chat will be force transferred to that agent (even if they are offline or the concurrency is full).

  • Select Add me to collaborators to view this chat when it is transferred to the next agent. You can add yourself to the collaborator while transfering when you want to work with your colleague to resolve a query.

2. Re-open a missed/resolved chat

Any chats can be re-opened, by clicking the Re-open button on the missed chat or resolved chat screens and providing mandatory details such as Priority and Description. The re-opened chats will be created as new chats and will be auto-assigned to an available agent (when it is not assigned to a particular agent, otherwise it will land in the My chats page of the selected agent).


3. Adding collaborators vs. Transfering live chat

Add collaborator when you want your colleague/manager to help you resolve your query.Transfer chat when you are unable to answer the query and you would want another agent to take over this chat.
- You (inbox agent) and the collaborators (other agents who are invited to this chat) can respond to the customer.
- For a customer, this will look like a normal(uninterrupted) agent-customer interaction.
- On the agent's side, there could be multiple agents providing the resolution/responding to the customer.
- The collaborator(other agent) will have access to the chat screen and they can respond directly to the chat, or, add Notes for the assigned agent to refer (agents can also communicate with each other through internal notes).
When you transfer a chat, you will lose access to this chat and the chat (along with your conversation) will be transferred to the next available agent/ selected agent.
Example: When a query has been raised that is assigned to an agent who resolves chats of the category:Shipping and delivery. While having a chat, the customer asks a question about Payments. A collaborator can be added to help with the question about payments. Once it is answered, the collaborator can leave and take over their chats.Example: A chat enquiring Payments has to be assigned to an agent resolving queries related to Returns and Refunds. In such case, the chat can simply be transferred to Payments & Pricing group.