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Bulk actions on live chats

Instead of opening all the chats and closing/transfering/resolving them one by one, agents can select all the chats at once and perform bulk actions.

Use cases of bulk actions

  • Closing or resolving multiple chats: When there are multiple live chats that have been completed or resolved, instead of resolving them one by one, agents can use the bulk action feature to select all the chats at once and mark them as resolved. This saves time and effort for the agents, especially when there is a large volume of chats to handle.
  • Transferring multiple chats to an agent: In situations where multiple live chats need to be transferred to a specific agent or a different group, the bulk action feature allows agents to select all the relevant chats simultaneously and transfer them in a single action. This is useful when there is a need to distribute the workload evenly among different agents or when a specific agent specializes in handling certain types of queries.

To Transfer/Resolve/Reopen multiple chats, follow the steps below:


Active chats can be Transfered/Resolved.
Resolved chats can be Reopened.

  • By hovering over a chat avatar (display image) you will see the select option, select the required chats (you can also select all).

1. Resolve selected live chats (bulk close)

To resolve multiple chats (bulk close), Enter the required custom field and click Resolve.

2. Transfer selected live chats to one agent

To transfer multiple chats to an agent, select the Group/Agent name and confirm the transfer. Selected chats will be transfered to that agent irrespective of the agent status or concurrency.

3. Reopen selected resolved/missed chats


Reopening an old chat will create a new chat (with new chat ID).

As a Inbox admin, to Reopen a chat(s):

  • Mark priority as Low/Medium/High (Default=high).
  • Select the required group/agent. By default, the value in this field is Automatic, which means as soon as the chat is reopened, it will be assigned to the next available agent irrespective of the group or any defined logic.
  • Add tags if required and add a description (mandatory).
  • Click Reopen.