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Cashfree Payment Gateway Integration with Cashfree Payment Gateway allows you to generateTransaction ID and view payment status with the platform.

1. Use cases

Following are the use cases that are currently accommodated in the Integration:

  1. Generate Transaction ID

    Using the action nodes, you can generate transaction IDs according to your use cases. The Transaction ID extracted can be used to initiate payments from WhatsApp pay.

Node Input Params

Field NameDescriptionSample Input
Order IDThe unique identification for the order to be createdOrder1234
Order AmountThe amount for the request. The minimum amount is 1200
Order Currency*The currency in which the order with the amount specified has to be createdINR
Customer IDThe unique Identification for the Payer9999999999
Customer EmailEmail of the payer[email protected]
Order TagsTags that are to be attached with the order{‘comment’: ‘note to be appended’}’
Notify UrlCopy Webhook URL from cashfree card at integration page

Sample Success Response

"cf_order_id": 2678043,
"order_id": "order_1742302CCpwK00k2bp00fwIwblCVtyPqV",
"entity": "order",
"order_currency": "INR",
"order_amount": 1.00,
"order_expiry_time": "2022-08-19T17:00:57+05:30",
"customer_details": {
"customer_id": "123e344",
"customer_name": null,
"customer_email": "[email protected]",
"customer_phone": "1234567890"
"order_meta": {
"return_url": null,
"notify_url": null,
"payment_methods": null
"settlements": {
"url": ""
"payments": {
"url": ""
"refunds": {
"url": ""
"order_status": "ACTIVE",
"order_token": "WKQXlA9jzfUIytw6adbA",
"order_note": null,
"payment_link": "",
"order_tags": null,
"order_splits": []

Event for receiving payment confirmation on bot

Following are the events that are currently accommodated in the Integration:

Cashfree payment statusIn case of successful payments the status can be checked with these details.

Activate the Cashfree Payment Status after configuring cashfree credentials at the integration page.

2. Configuration

Configuring the integration with Cashfree is straightforward. Follow the steps defined below to start integrating:

  1. Sign up on Cashfree dashboard.
  2. Copy the App ID and Secret.
  3. Go to the integration page of and search for cashfree then Paste the app Id and Secret in the form.
  4. Choose the API base URL according to the type of cashfree account that has been configured.


For more information about action nodes to use in this integration, click here.