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BillDesk EmailPay

Integrate your account with BillDesk EmailPay to receive payments from your users. This integration allows the following,

  1. Generate a payment link to receive payments
  2. Check the status of the payments and recieve notifications on the same.

1. Connect BillDesk EmailPay with

To connect your BillDesk account with, follow these steps:

1.1 Enable the integration in

  1. Go to and click Integrations from the module switcher.

  1. Search for Billdesk EmailPay or choose the category named Payment from the left navigation bar and click Billdesk EmailPay.

  1. Fill in the following fields. Reach out to the BillDesk team for this info.
  • Message code
  • Secret key
  • Campaign ID
  • Campaign code
  • BillDesk base URL(this is already populated)
  1. If you have multiple accounts, follow the above mentioned steps to add each of them.
  1. Enter a unique name for each account to easily identify them within the platform. It is recommended to use a name that aligns with its purpose for better usability.
  2. You can add a maximum of 15 accounts.
  3. In a two-tier environment, such as bots with only Development/Live environments, you can add account names only in the development mode. Once added and flows have been built, in the Live mode, you can only choose the account names and not edit them.
  4. In a three-tier environment, such as bots with Staging/Sandbox/Production modes, in Staging and Sandbox modes, you can add and edit new accounts. However, in Production, only the account details added in Staging will be available. You can only map in the production environment.

1.2 Configure webhook URL in Billdesk dashboard.

  1. Copy the webhook URL mentioned in the Instructions to connect section of the Billdesk EmailPay Integration Card (previous screenshot).
  2. Append the region of your bot to the domain of the webhook url. r1/r2/r3/r4/r5 are the regions of your bot, you can refer the following list for the same.
  • r1 - MEA
  • r2 - Jakarta
  • r4 - USA
  • r5 - Europe
  • r3 - Singapore

For example, if the domain is, you need to change it to if the region of the bot is MEA. If the bot belongs to India, you can use origin domain itself.

  1. Share the webhook URL to BillDesk SPOC. They will configure the webhook at their end.

1.3 Define the fields to be passed in the API

Please specify the Min length, Max length and the data type(numeric/alphanumeric) for the UDFs that are mentioned in this table.

paramsdata_typeMin LengthMax LengthUDF Field mapped to BillDesk
amountnumeric110000000UDF 1
phone_numalphanumeric110UDF 2
namealphanumeric150UDF 3
senderalphanumeric150UDF 4
sourcealphanumeric125UDF 5
unique_IDalphanumeric150UDF 6
order_IDalphanumeric125UDF 7

1.4 Receive events in

  1. Login to and click Studio.
  2. Click Event from the left navigation bar and then choose Integrations.
  3. Activate the event Billdesk EmailPay Payment Status by clicking the three dots next to it.

  1. A journey with its trigger point as this event should be created in Studio. Based on the received event data, an appropriate message will be displayed to the end user.


If you have added multiple accounts in your platform, enable events for each of those accounts.

2. Use-case

You can generate payment links for your customers to pay.


When multiple accounts are added, select the appropriate account for each node, allowing you to leverage the unique functionalities of each account for their intended purposes.

  1. In the Studio flow builder, select the Integrations node and click Billdesk EmailPay from the list of integrations that have been enabled for that bot.

  1. After clicking Billdesk EmailPay, an Integration Action Node will be added to the flow builder. Click that node and select Generate Payment Link from them.

  1. Fill in all the mandatory fields. The below-mentioned table consists of the sample value, data type and description for all these fields.
Field NameSample ValueData typeDescription
Amount100StringAmount to be paid using the Payment Link. Only two digit after decimal is supported.
Customer Phone NumberINRStringCustomer phone number.
Customer NameTestStringName of the customer.
Order IDTestOrder122StringUnique Order ID.
Send EmailfalseBooleanSending link through email
True: Payment link will be sent via email (Currently not supported).
False: Payment link will be generated in the bot.
  1. The Generate Payment Link Integration Action Node has two outcomes, success or failure. If the payment link is generated successfully, the Integration Action Node returns a Success response code as shown below.
"url": "",
"status": "success"

If generating payment link fails, the Integration Action Node returns a Failure response code as shown below.

"errorCode": "<<Error Code>>"
"errorMessage": "<<Error Message/Description>>"
"status": "failed"

To use this Integration Action Node in an bot, refer the following example:

"integrationName": "billdesk-emailpay",
"action": "Generate payment link",
"dynamicParams": {
"amount": 10.00,
"customerName": "John",
"customerMobileNumber": "9955557879",
"orderId": "TestOrder123",
"sendEmail": "false"
}).then((res) => {
console.log("response from action node", res);
app.log(res, '||Response from action node||')
}).catch((err) => {
console.log("Error in action node", err);
app.log(err, '||Error in action node||')