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Microsoft Teams template

Microsoft Teams is a widely used collaboration platform. Using Microsoft Teams for outbound campaigns offers several advantages for companiesto manage important notifications and reminders efficiently.

It includes pre-configured use cases like survey reminders, document upload prompts, scheduling meetups, sharing important updates, and distributing media to team members. Moreover, customization options are available to tailor content to specific needs.


Prerequisites to create WhatsApp template‚Äč

The following are the prerequisites for creating an MS Teams' template:

  • Ensure that MS Teams is configured under Channels.

  • Verify that the account is active and its status is showing as Connected.

To create MS Teams template, follow these steps:

  1. On the left navigation bar, go to Engage > Templates.

  2. Click Create new template > Microsoft Teams.

  1. Configure the purpose of the template from the available options and click Use templates.

Survey remindersPrompt your team to complete surveys with convenient redirection URLs.
Document upload alertsSend reminders for document uploads, complete with quick reply buttons to streamline the process.
Schedule meetingsEffortlessly schedule 1:1 meetings by asking employees about their availability.
AnnouncementsShare important updates through announcement notifications.
Media-enhanced templatesSend media-rich messages to your team, complete with body text and clickable buttons for quick access to new links.
  1. You will find a preconfigured template with options to tailor it using the available customization features as needed. Configure the template using the available options.

    Template nameEnter a name for the template (Only lowercase letters, numbers and underscores are allowed). This is used only for your reference and the client cannot see it.
    Template languageChoose the language for which you want to use the template. You can create WhatsApp templates in multiple languages.
    Message titleEnter a title for the message. This field is auto-populated based on the selected use case, but you can edit it as necessary.
    MediaUse image to the template to make it visually appealing.
    BodyEnter the main content. Use variables wherever required. It is the most critical part of your template and is thoroughly checked by the WhatsApp team. You can add upto 2000 characters including text and variables.
    ButtonsHelps add CTAs to your template as explained in Button type below.
    Button typeChoose the button type: None, Call to action, or Quick reply.
    - Call to action: You can include up to three URL redirect CTAs.
    - Quick reply: You can add a maximum of three quick reply buttons, with each button text limited to 20 characters.
  2. Preview your template on the right side and make any necessary corrections if needed.

  3. Click Create template.