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Engage Troubleshooting Guide


Troubleshooting Campaign & API Failures

  1. Identify the issue: When you receive a notification failure alert, identify whether the failure is related to a campaign or an API.

  2. Gather required details:

    • For API failure: Collect essential information such as botID, Campaign ID, API body, and error response.

    • For Campaign failures:

      • Download or fetch reports from Data Explorer to investigate the error thoroughly.

      • Review error codes in the reports to understand the cause of campaign failures.

      • Conduct a test campaign if necessary to validate issues. Communicate findings to the client for resolution or escalate to the Engineering team.

        For more information on error codes, refer to: Notification Engine Response Codes

  3. Handling API Failures:

    • For v1 APIs, attempt to execute the API call and verify if notifications are sent successfully.
    • Review error responses to diagnose the issue.
    • For v2 APIs, use Data Explorer to search using the message ID to delve deeper into the problem.
    • Share a functional CURL command with the client or escalate the issue to the Engineering team as needed.
  4. Precautionary Steps (for internal teams): Before escalating any issue in DevRev:

    • Validate and replicate the issue to ensure accuracy.
    • Propose potential workarounds where applicable.
    • Coordinate with the Engineering team for further investigation and resolution.

Voice campaign failed with response "No campaign allowed during this time"

Please verify if the call/campaign was attempted outside of our working hours. If so, these calls would not have been dialed out.

WhatsApp Campaign failing due to an invalid parameter

Check if you have entered the content in one of the variables across multiple lines. Meta does not support multi-line content in variables. Ensure all content is passed in a single line.

If the issue is not resolved, reach out to support for additional help.