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Mobile push template

Create Mobile Push template

To create a Mobile push template, follow these steps:



Before creating push notifications, you need to configure the following on the platform.

  1. On the left navigation bar, click Engage > Templates.

  2. Click +Create new templates > Mobile push notifications.

  3. In Template name, enter a unique name for the template.

  4. In Message title, enter the title of the notification.

  5. In Message, enter the message content. Use {{Name}} to add variables in the content wherever required such as firstName, lastName, and city.

  6. In Image, click Upload to add an image to the notification. It is recommended to use a 2:1 landscape image and the maximum size supported is 10 MB.

  7. In On tap action, configure the action to be performed when the user taps on the push notification and click Create template. For details on each action, refer to the following sections.

The following are the possible actions when a user taps on the push notification:

Your app

Choose to redirect the user to the main activity of the app where the deeplink is pointing to.

Choose to redirect the recipient to a specific screen of the app.

  • Enter the URI in the Android deeplink URI box.

Bot with message

Choose to redirect the user to a specific bot flow or show a predefined bot response.

  • To show a predefined message, select Text in Bot response and enter the message in Bot says. Use variables in the message wherever required.
  • To execute a bot flow, select Execute flow in Bot response and choose the flow in Execute flow.

What's next?

Create a push notification campaign using the Mobile push template as explained in Create outbound campaign.