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Create tickets manually

There are different methods to create email tickets in Inbox.

  • Ideally, an email ticket is created when an end user sends an email to the configured email address requesting customer support. This email is automatically converted into an email ticket and auto-assigned to a live agent.
  • Alternative method is to create email tickets manually.

In this article, you will learn:

  1. How to create email tickets manually?

Manual email ticket creation

Manual tickets are created by the inbox agents when in scenarios where they are urged to reach out to the customers and provide support/promotions to them through emails. For example:

  • If the customer has contacted the agent/brand via. call/website/tweet, an agent must capture the support request and create a ticket on behalf of the customer.
  • Proactive reach out when the brands have identified potential customers, promotional messages, brand discounts, updates, etc. emails can be sent to the customer for marketing and retention purpose.

1. Create email tickets‚Äč

To create an email ticket, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Inbox > Tickets.

  2. Click +Create ticket.

  1. Enter the ticket details:

    • Priority: By default, the priority will be the value configured for email tickets in inbox settings, it can be changed here.
    • Assignee: This ticket can be assigned to a group or the agent of a particular group. From email ID value gets automatically updated based on this.
    • Tags: Labels configured in the tags section can be selected form the dropdown.
    • Custom fields: Fields configured for email tickets can be entered here.

  2. Enter the email details:

    • From address: This field will be auto-updated with the email ID assigned to the selected group (on ticket details). If the group is not selected on the ticket details, you can select an email ID from the available IDs in the drop-down list. The first email ID will be the default ID.
    • Contacts: This is the address to whom the email has to be sent. You can enter a new email address if the email ID is recognized (is a known contact), you will be able to see the history of emails sent to this contact under Contact details.
    • Subject: Mandatory field. Enter the email subject.
    • Email Body/ Reply: To create a ticket, text must be entered in the reply section. You can also add email templates to this.

  3. Click Create ticket.

  4. This email ticket will be available in the Tickets section. You can track the email thread and maintain all the communications in this ticket. Through this method, agents can reach out to their end users and continue their conversation and provide a resolution within the SLAs and timing constraints, like a regular support ticket.

  • 1. Create email tickets