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IVR for cloud


All the bots created after July 2022 operate on the cloud. Refer to this article for the latest update.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) channel can be deployed and hosted in a cloud environment. Configuring IVR bots on the cloud allows businesses to deliver an efficient and personalised customer experience.

While building voice bots, you need to link the bot to a phone number so that when users call this number, they can have a conversation with the bot.

Once you have built the personalized voice bot, you need to connect your voice bot with a number to enable interactive voice responses.

  • The associated number will be used for making (an outbound) call or receiving (an inbound) call.
  • This is a paid feature. You need to upgrade to enterprise subscription to access this feature. To enable this feature for your bots, contact support.
  • Phone numbers are a limited resource and are leased from downstream providers at a monthly cost. Ensure that only the required phone numbers are being added to the bot.

Add IVR number

To add a IVR number, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to and navigate to Overview > Channels > Voice > IVR channel.

  2. Verify the bot is selected in the required environment on the channels page to which you want to associate a number. Click +Add IVR Number.

  1. Select the bot Region and assign one or more IVR number based on your use case. There could be different types of numbers, like landline or mobile, available for association. Select the number(s) as per the requirements. Click Add.

  1. Click Yes, proceed.


Currently, only Karnataka (India) Phone numbers are available, other countries will be added soon.

  1. The IVR numbers will be successfully added.

Delete IVR number

To delete an IVR number, follow these steps:

  1. Click the delete icon next to the number that you want to delete.

  1. A pop-up is displayed with a confirmation message Do you really want to delete? This process cannot be undone, click Delete.

  • Reclaiming a deleted number is a highly challenging and manual process. Ensure the details before removing a phone number from your Bot.
  1. The IVR number will be successfully deleted.