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User 360 FAQs

Does the User 360 table structure get migrated from one environment to another when published?

No, the User 360 table structure will not be automatically migrated from Sandbox to Staging when published. You need to create columns and push data separately in each environment.

Can I add the same user once their record is deleted?

Yes, you can add the account again once it has been deleted.

How do I update user contact details or other information directly from a folder or remote server? [OR]
How can I sync data from an SFTP integration?
  1. Create a CSV File with contact details or other relevant information that you want to add/update. Ensure the filename begins with "userdata_".
  2. Upload via SFTP: Store the file in a folder in an SFTP server and connect your SFTP with
  3. Sync Data: Schedule one time import or recurring import based on your requirement.

For more detailed help, refer to Sync user data from SFTP.


Maximum File Size: Note that the maximum file size allowed for upload is 200MB.

I can see duplicate phone numbers for my user properties. What should I do?

User 360 verifies uniqueness solely based on the userId. Therefore, to avoid duplicate phone numbers, make sure that the phone number is set as your userId. This will ensure that each user's phone number is unique in the system.

Can I change the data type in user properties?

Once a property is created in User360, you cannot directly alter its data type or delete it.

Why was a user created twice, with the second entry having 'null' as the userId?
The second user account, which lacks a valid userId and contains incorrect properties, is often auto-created when a user interacts with your bot for the first time. ensure that you have set up the 'userId' and stored in the User ID property in your studio flows before starting conversation.

Learn more.

How to add contact details to users in bulk?

You can create a CSV file with contact details and upload the CSV file using User Data Import.

Why don't I have the option "Use this as Unique ID for User" in "Make Prompt Smarter"?

This option is only available for older bots. However, for bots running on executor-cloud, we've introduced a user identification journey. This journey allows you to set the userID at the beginning of the conversation, ensuring that the user ID is captured even before the conversation starts.

Can I connect a database with User 360?

Usecase: I currently store the details of users who click the "STOP" button to unsubscribe from my campaign. I want to integrate this information with User 360 to ensure that campaigns are not sent to those users. Is it possible to use User360 instead of a separate database to store the list of unsubscribers?

  1. Store user responses directly to User360 table: You can store the user responses in a user property which saves it directly in User360. This allows you to associate the unsubscribe information with each user profile. For more details, refer to the documentation on Storing conversation data in User 360.
  2. Using events and user APIs: You can use Events and user APIs to store user data to user 360. For more details, see Events and User APIs.
Why is the phone number not saving in User 360? And how can I ensure it gets saved correctly?

The phone number may not be saving in User 360 if it is not entered with the country code. It is important to include the country code when capturing phone numbers to ensure proper saving in the system.

Additionally, you can enable the Prefix a calling code option to automatically add the country code, helping to ensure accurate storage of phone numbers in User 360.

Can I change the datatype of a user property?

Unfortunately, once created, you cannot modify the data type of a property. It's essential to plan and choose the right datatype from the beginning to ensure accurate data management.

Can I delete a user from user 360?

No, deleting a user from user 360 is not possible. Once a user is created, their data becomes a permanent part of the user 360 database. Be cautious when adding users and ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

Data import

Why am I getting Some error occured message when trying to import a CSV file?

Ensure that the CSV file does not contain exponential notation.

What happens if there are duplicate entries in the same CSV file?

The records will be updated based on the sequence as per the configuration. In other words, the record that appears first in the CSV file will be added first, and subsequent duplicate entries will be processed in the order they appear.

My import is failing even when I provide the correct phone numbers

To successfully import the phone user property, it is mandatory to include the country code along with the phone number. If the country code is not provided, the validation process will fail. For more detailed information, see how to create CSV file.

I am unable to upload a CSV file created from Microsoft Excel
When saving the file from Excel, select the option to save it as CSV (Comma delimited). This will ensure that the file is saved in the appropriate CSV format, making it compatible for uploading to the platform.
How to update a specific user property through CSV import?
  1. Prepare your CSV file: Ensure that your CSV file contains the necessary columns, including the "UserId" column and the column you want to update.

  2. Start the import process: Initiate the import process and select the CSV file you prepared in step 1. Follow the prompts to proceed to the mapping screen.

  3. Map the property to update: In the Map properties screen, map the column that you want to update and select the column that corresponds to "userId".

  4. Resolve conflicts: In the resolve conflict screen, select "Update existing data".

  5. Proceed with the other steps.

For detailed procedure, refer to the Import users documentation.

User identification journey

Can I change userId frequently?

You cannot update a userId once captured. If you try to capture a new userId in the same session, a new record is created with that specific identifier. For more details, see What happens when the userId is recaptured.

How can I update existing user properties?

You can update existing user properties by identifying the user and recapturing the user properties that you would like to update. However, you cannot update the userId. For more details, see Store conversational data in User360

What does the error "Bot-specific issue, the bot is in an older backend" mean when accessing the User Identification Flow?

This error indicates that the bot you are attempting to access is associated with an older backend, causing compatibility issues with the User Identification Flow.

Please reach out to our support team to assist you in upgrading the backend of your bot to resolve this issue.