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Manage user data

Export user data

You can download your entire user data or segment specific user data and use it wherever required. For example, you can update user details and import them again, and upload user data in a third-party system for your business use cases.

To download your entire user base, in All users, click Actions > Download all user data.

To download users in a particular segment, select the desired Segment > Actions > Download segment user data.

You will get a download link to your email.

Delete user records

You can delete one or more users if required. However, you need to export their data as a backup before deleting.

Delete an individual user

  1. Navigate to the user row and click on it to open user details page.

  2. Click Delete.

Delete multiple user records

  1. On the User 360 home page, select each user that you want to delete using the respective check boxes

  2. Click Delete users.


You can also use this process to delete an individual user.

Delete user through API

To delete user data using API, use DELETE user API.