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Add individual users through User 360 UI

Add user

This is best for adding one user at a time, like prospects you met at an event, or a lead who reached out on LinkedIn.

To add a user using the User 360 UI:

  1. On the User 360 page, click Add user > Single user.

  2. Enter the userId of the customer along with other details.

  3. Label the user with Tags. You can add multiple tags to a user.

  4. Click Save.

Edit users

You can add missing properties or update existing properties of a user. As the userId is the primary identifier and unique for a user, you cannot change it.

  1. On the User 360 page, navigate to the user that you want to edit and click on the user row.

  2. Click on the Edit icon

  3. Edit the properties that you want to change or add missing property values.

  4. To add more tags, click on +Add tags and in Tags enter each tag name and press enter. If the tag name you enter is available, you will see it in the drop-down.

  5. To remove an existing tag, click on the respective x symbol.

  6. Click Save.


Similarly, you can also delete a user using the more options icon > Delete user.