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Build a bot with FAQ and Customer Support

This step-by-step guide helps you create a chat bot with FAQ and customer support.

  1. On the Overview switcher, click Studio.

  1. On the left sidebar, click the Train section and go to the FAQs tab.

  1. Add a category for your FAQs by clicking the + icon. Provide a name to your category and click Create category.

  1. Add FAQs to that specific category. You can also add faqs in bulk.
  2. Train the bot to understand the FAQs by clicking the Train intents button on the top right corner.

After adding FAQs and training your bot on the same, go to the builder by clicking Build on the top left corner.

  1. Click +Create new flow to create a new flow followed by + Create from scratch in the following pop-up.

  1. Fill in the following fields and click Create.
Field NameDescription
Flow nameProvide a name to the flow
Flow DescriptionDescribe the purpose of the flow
CategoryThis an optional field where you can choose the category to which your flow belongs to. If the flow doesn't fall under any of the existing categories, click + Create Category to create a new one.

Enable Create as a workflow if you'd like this flow to function as a workflow and click Create.

  1. Add a Quick Replies node to the flow to get buttons interface.

  1. Add buttons to the Quick replies node and populate them with the questions you added in the FAQ section.
  2. Populate the Bot asks section with the question you'd like the bot to ask the end user.

Until this step, the bot would automatically fetch answers from FAQs to reply to the user queries. If the bot doesn't understand, the chat can be transfered to a live agent. Follow the below-mentioned steps to add a live agent to attend your user queries.

  1. In the same flow, set the fallback to the Raise ticket node. This will transfer the chat to a live agent. The live agent can attend the user queries from the Inbox module. To know more about how the live chat agent function works, click here.

  1. Fill in the fields and set Text nodes to display relevant messages for Ticket closed and Error.