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Custom Usecases

Steps are mentioned to resolve each of the commonly encountered use cases:

1. How to assign a ticket to a particular group with a particular tag

Follow the below steps to assign a ticket to a group by adding any tag:

  1. In Inbox settings, create a group and tag.
  2. Use the Raise ticket action node for each group.
  3. Pass the information in the advanced settings of the ticket under Department and Tag.

Click here for more information.

2. How to set values coming from each channel on the tickets

Follow the below steps to set values coming from each channel:

  1. Use a channel filter to set variables.
  2. Create global variables and set those variables.

With either variables coming from payload like {{{profile.payload.< key_name in payload >}}} Or {{{sender}}} in case of WhatsApp

  1. Pass the same variables in the raise ticket action node.

3. How to build this flow - For failed tickets, the query and contact must be stored and an email has to be sent

Follow the below steps to store user details for failed tickets:

  1. In the raise ticket action node on the error node, use a send email action node.
  2. Create a database and use a database node to insert the ticket details into the database.

4. How to Visualize a team's CSAT values on the platform(Data explorer)

Currently, the Inbox CSAT values are not available for visualization (widgets/graphs). Agent CSAT values are found in Data explorer > Chat tickets.
You can create a custom CSAT bot flow (on Studio). Store the custom CSAT data in a database, and create a visualisation of your preference in Data Explorer. Click here for more details.

Sample flow:

5. What happens when the Group is configured with email IDs(for email communications) but is used in raise ticket node

  • Consider a use case where the agent groups-Esclations (with email ID as [email protected]) is added in the inbox groups settings. This group will be visible on the Raise ticket node- Advance options. For example, the Escalation group is selected on the Raise ticket node.
  • All the support requests that are triggered through this particular flow will be assigned to the Escalation group live chats. These support requests will be found in the Chats tab and not in the Tickets tab.

6. How to pass hierarchical custom fields in raise ticket node

You can pass hierarchical custom fields in an array variable (this array variable has to be created in a function).
Array variable syntax:

"id": "id6d80e018eb471-1687697102772",
"name": "Typeone",
"levelName": "Sub Category"
"id": "ida4564067aff73-1687697129156",
"name": "TypeTwo",
"levelName": "Sub Category"