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How to trigger a flow when a user clicks on a quick reply option on Whatsapp?

This guide will provide instructions on how to activate flows upon clicking a quick reply WhatsApp button and how to monitor the number of clicks for each button.

  1. Go to Studio > Event > Engagement > quick_reply_event > Activate.

  1. Go to Build > + Create flow.

  2. Search for Whatsapp template and click + Use template.

  1. Once the template is downloaded, go to the flow Template handling and set the Start trigger as quick_reply_event. This flow will be triggered when a quick reply option is clicked.

  1. To manage the actions of your buttons, click the Condition node and set values to your buttons.

  1. The buttons can either be connected to an Execute flow node (which will trigger another flow if clicked) or connected to Message nodes to display a message.

Navigate to the Database section and click the template_qr_clicks table to review the data pertaining to the buttons that have been clicked.