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App to cloud migration guide

This is a starter guide for migrating from to This document is designed to offer you clear instructions on the migration and the steps involved in making a successful transition.


This guide is tailored for users who already have an account on and intend to migrate their existing bots to the platform. You cannot create new bots on

Migration process

You'll begin by creating a new bot from scratch on and recreating all your flows, nodes, user data and every other data that was available on the app bot. Additionally, you have the option to export your client data from the app and import it into the web bot. This transition ensures that you leverage the full potential of cloud bot capabilities.

Benefits of moving to the cloud

By migrating to, you gain access to a range of exciting features that simplify the bot-building process. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Easy-to-use interface: The no-code platform enables users of all skill levels to create advanced bots without writing code.
  2. Exceptional support: The cloud platform offers dedicated support to assist you with any platform-related queries or issues.
  3. Enhanced user experience: Enjoy a seamless and intuitive bot-building experience with user-friendly features and tools.

The app bots will not have feature updates or new releases, but the cloud bots offer a broader range of product capabilities. With cloud bots, you can benefit from improved analytics, better customer engagement, the ability to run bots on multiple channels, and seamless integration with other applications for efficient bot building.

Feature comparison

To help you understand the differences between app bots and cloud bots, here's a quick comparison of features across various modules:


FeaturesFunctions / MetricsAPP YMCloud
Validatorsname validatorYesYes
email validatorYesYes
date validatorCODEYes
location validatorYesYes
phone number validatorYesYes
file validatorNoYes
Custom validator (REGEX)YesCODE (not upfront)
Message TypesimageYesYes
image carouselYesYes
Prompt TypesdateCODEYes
whatsapp listCODEYes
multi select quick replyYesYes
quick replyYesYes
dynamic quick replyCODECODE
dynamic cardsCODECODE
Actionsapi callYesYes
outbound notificationsCODEYes
notification statusCODEYes
raise ticketCODEYes
database searchCODEYes
database insertYesYes
database updateCODEYes
send otpCODEYes
verify otpCODEYes
modify variablesCODEYes
push to analyticsCODEYes
generate dynamic PDFsCODEYes
get payment linkCODEYes
get payment statusCODEYes
update payment statusCODEYes
check conditionYesYes
document cognitionCODEYes
change languageYesYes
send emailCODEYes
trigger functionYesYes
delay nodeNoYes
user event + event trigger nodesCODE*Yes
Variablesjourney variablesNoYes
global variablesYesYes
system variablesYesYes
variable datatypesYesYes
memory managementYesNo
Config variablesNoYes
User variables (CDP)NoYes
Generalcopy from journeyYesNo
duplicate journeyYesYes
rename journeyNoYes
import/export journeyYesYes
bulk insert journeysYes (as FAQs are journeys too)ONLY FAQ
clone botYesYes
Container monitoring dashboardYesYes
restart botYesNo
context managementYesYes
local context managementYesYes
autoskipping UXNoYes
Widget AutocompleteCODEYes
utterance reportYesYes
intelligent switchingYesYes
session expiry timeYesNo
exclude params for switchingYesYes* (store comment)
Precluded expressionsYesYes
Mandate expressionsYesYes
channel specific journeyYesYes
language specific journeysYesYes


FeaturesFunctionsAPP YMCloudComments
OverviewRead only dashboardYesYes
Interactive dashboardNoYes
Live Chat moduleMessagesYesYesCombined into Chats tab
ArchiveYesYesCombined into Chats tab
ChatsNoYesContains Chat, Archive & Messages tab
Auto translateNoYes
Queue inactivityNoYes
Missed chat reasonsNoYes
Video callingYesYes
Voice callingYesYes
Screen sharingYesYes
Search inside messagesYesYes
Exact searchNoYes
Typing indicatorYesYes
Bulk actionsNoYes
Agent group supervisorYesYes
Custom fieldsYesYes
Custom fields ValidationYesNoDeprecated
Close ticket optionsYesYesHierarchical custom field
Support for Whatsapp 24hr session expiryNoYes
Instagram 7day session expiryNoYes
Bulk concurrency updateNoYes
AI collaboratorNoYesGenerative AI features
Email ticketing moduleBasic email ticketingYesYes
Send receive attachmentsYesYes
Canned responses / TemplatesYesYes
Custom fieldsYesYes
SLA managementNoYes
Email reportsYesYes
Email analyticsYesYes
Email templatesNoYes
Activity LogNoYes
HTML email templatesNoYes
Reporting & AnalyticsDefault reportsYesYes
Custom reports (Data Explorer)NoYesDeprioritized for now. Reach out to us if needed
Contacts management360 view - tickets, chats, timelineNoYes
Proactive engagement/reachoutNoYes
Agent AssistGen AI FeaturesNoYesSummarization and tone change
Custom agent statusesNoYes
Canned responses suggestionsNoYesPhased rollout, Reach to us if you're interested to try it out
Knowledge BaseInternal KBNoYes
External KBNoYes


SectionsFeaturesFunctions / MetricsAPP YMCLOUD
Growth OverviewOverviewUsers, Messages, Sessions, Avg Session durationYesYes
Real-time users & journey countYesYes
Users by time of dayYesYes
Users traffic channel / mediumYesYes
Users by countryYesYes
Users by deviceYesYes
Bot accuracy, Goal completion rate & Human takeover rateYesYes
Top JourneysYesYes
Top unidentified utterancesDEPRECATEDDEPRECATED
Bot OverviewUser Visited - RevisitedYesYes
Bounce Rate DeepdiveYesYes
Demographics - Country, Region, UTM etcYesYes
Journey TriggersTop JourneysYesYes
Step summaryYesYes
Category detailsYesNo
All journey detailsYesYes
API UsageUsage by status codesYesYes
API HitsYesYes
API Response TimeYesYes
InsightsCustom dashboard-YesDEPRECATED
Unidentified Utterances-YesNo
Growth New AppData Explorer-NoYes
Dashboard building using data explorer-NoYes
User Journey Visualization-NoYes
Channel level filters-YesYes


FeaturesFunctions / MetricsAPP YMCloud
Inbound EngageInbound campaigns setup and widgetsYes (QA)Yes
Template ManagerCreate and Manage TemplatesNoYes
Sync with WABANoYes
Template Manager - SMS, Email, WA, Viber Business, GBMNoYes
Campaign ManagerWhatsapp, SMS, EmailYesYes
Journey TriggersNoYes
Teams, SlackNoNo
Notif APIv1 - WhatsappYesYes
v2 - WhatsappYesYes
v2 - SMSNoYes
v2 - EmailYesYes
v2 - Optin checkYesNo
CDPRevamped Users ModuleNoYes
User APIsNoYes
CDP Builder IntegrationNoYes
CDP Outbound Engage IntegrationNoYes
User Search APIsNoYes
Event triggered campaignsNoYes

Doc cog

FeaturesFunctionsAPP YMCloud
Upload DocumentsUpload from computer
Ananlytics DashboardAnalyticsNoYes
No-code Doc cogNoYes
Error logging in UIUpload errors, etcNoYes
FAQ Webpage ParsingNoYes
NLU settings - Boost rankNoYes
Add QNA to FAQ sectionNoYes
Add QNA to journeysYesNo
Subscription related UI upgrade messagesNoYes
Table ParserNoYes
Vertical CardsYesYes
Preview windowYesYes
Meta data tagsYesYes


FeaturesFunctions / MetricsAPP YMCloud
Web WidgetBannersYesNo
Product cardsYesNo
Initial State optionsNoYes
Tracker cardsNoYes
Receipt cardsNoYes
Date pickerYesYes


IntegrationIn BacklogAvailable
Salesforce CRMNoYes
Zoho CRMNoYes
Other IntegrationsNoYes


Import of ComponentsNoYes
Export of ComponentsNoYes
Template Bots (WIP)NoYes

Creating a new cloud bot

Follow these steps to create a new bot on

  1. Sign up for an account on if you haven't already.
  2. Provide the necessary details and specifications for your new bot.
  3. Design the conversation flow of your bot by adding flows and nodes.
  4. Test your bot thoroughly to ensure its functionality.
  5. Publish your bot to make it available for users.
  6. Utilize campaigns and live chats to engage and assist your bot users.
  7. Extend the reach of your bot by deploying it on multiple channels and integrating it with third-party applications.

Additionally, we offer training materials to help you master the platform. Enroll in our training program here. You can also find helpful product videos on our official YouTube channel.

If you prefer personalized training sessions with our experts, please reach out to [email protected].

We hope this guide assists you in successfully migrating your bots from to