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Difference between Viber and Viber for business

***ViberViber for business
Target audienceIdeal for personal one-on-one interaction with the bot.Ideal for business users to interact with larger audience.
SetupDownload the app and install on your mobile device.Contact support team with your business details for setup
Interaction1-1 messagingMany-to-one messaging
VerificationNoNeed approval from Viber business team.
Supported message typesFree text messaging
Voice and video calls
Multimedia sharing
Campaign/MessagesSupports only promotional campaignsSupports transactional, promotional, and conversational messages
Customer supportYesYes
Live Agent supportYesYes
Auto responsesYesYes
Business ProfilesPersonal profiles are used in the regular Viber app.Businesses can create official business profiles on Viber for Business, providing a professional identity for customer communication.
API and IntegrationsDoes not support API or integrations designed for business purposes.Supports APIs and integrations that businesses can use to integrate Viber into their customer communication systems.
DiscoverabilityRequires QRCode or Share with a friend option for users to discover and connect.Offers a searchable feature, allowing users to find and connect with businesses more easily

The information provided is based on general features, and the specifics may vary. It is recommended to check the latest documentation.